Hysteria of Flowers – Best Movies with Insane Women Characters

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I have found it easier to identify with the characters who verge upon hysteria, who were frightened of life, who were desperate to reach out to another person. But these seemingly fragile people are the strong people really.” – Tennessee Williams.

The list of the Best Movies with Insane Women Characters has been created in order to depict all those women performances that had insanity wrapped in them. Many of these films have won performances in the film festivals, critically acclaimed by the audience and have a different kind of happenings as well. They encompass and celebrate the history of the work and the pain with a tinge of emotional freedom in the performances. All of these characters are clearly present in the future and are very much close to the everyday life of the person. Present in the traditional Tarantism, all the characters can be said to be bitten by the wolf spiders that turn them into the tarantella phenomena. These movies are nothing but dances of compulsive and uncontrolled movements, convulsions and spasms. They are inspired to be chaotic so none of them are politically correct.

All of these characters are only celebrated by those fans who are naturally touched and then impressed by the immense insanity that the individual characters possess. The characters in this movie are fabulously exploited as deranged but they that’s their temporary state of mind. We sit in front of the cameras watching them and get scared out of shit but somehow the portrayal will give you an honest experience because of their acting. The main reason behind me listing the women performances is because they vary from being a deluded housewife who keeps nagging at the family and then all of a sudden hops into the car and murders someone while she shines her teeth at the victims. She not only flaunts her figure while doing it but senselessly starts shopping for the attires and groceries in between. The thing about women playing these roles is that they have both the sensitive and the cruel side playing at the same time that might bring the hysterics out of you and you will end up having a broken heart towards the end.

All the movies in this list contain films that have debauchery, intensive outbursts, the hysteria of women in the films. One should have an open mind in order to know about these performances but as much as I consider, women are not like that only in films but we also see them in the real life. Therefore, you can see young performances as well as the adolescent people on the list. Technically they might not be called women but the trance they carry through the characters with ignorance and insanity buckled up, their dynamics should be included. The thing about madness is that when people don’t believe that you’re in pain and when they can’t empathize with it, they will consider you mad. There are not any prejudices that decide if you’re mad or not and the way you’re being depicted and the way you behave are the factors that determine if you’re mad or not.

Best Movies with Insane Women Characters

For example, you consider a film which is revolutionary or a film which has women as vulgar caricatures, how much can you relate yourselves with them? The movie contains transgender women, drag queens, women who are so real in the life, a boy acting like a girl, androgynous individuals, gender queer characters with merged ideas of both genders etc. Most of the films contain the performances lies in the characters but not the actors which is why this list is full of amusing and exuberant characters. So, don’t be surprised if you come across movies with women of no breasts or one’s that visible Adam’s Apple. All the women in the films contain femininity in terms of the content but add to that they also have sensuality and aggression in abundance. That being said, here’s a list of Best Movies with Insane Women characters that you should know.

Best Movies with Insane Women Characters:

Scarlet Diva (2000): Scarlet Diva is a different movie and everything that you would expect from the daughter of legendary Dario Argento. Asia Argento has beautifully carved this movie that each frame speaks nothing but accuracy. The movie is a collaboration with the undervalued and the underrated Abel Ferra. An autobiography and as well as a straight confession from Asia, her character is authored as Anna Battista, an aspiring directress and a superstar who indeed is her own enemy. The reflexivity in this movie is obvious, but equally fascinating as well. The finale of the film is kept open so that people get fabulously attracted to it where the lead role evolves into something else. Starting with the infinitum reflections, this movie will take us down the corridor full of truths and distorted images as well. According to her, she says that she is an oblique personality who is directly proportional to the world around her. There will be a scene in the movie where a rockstar fucks her and then leaves her and she says what kind of reflection it holds on her. More of a whore than a normal woman, Anna falls in love with a man to love her but only to get rejected. She takes this around the self-imploding world with sketchy details but the K-holes of this movie is nothing but reproductive. Getting pregnant, Anna goes on a drug trip inside a hotel room and this episode is used to skew the reality and beautifully portrays the self-destruction inside her that she seldom denies. While you watch the movie, you will be absolutely disgusted by the whorish character of her nonetheless you will as well be enamored by the success of the movie. She starts admonishing her gay friend who trades prostitution for creativity and in the end we start questioning ourselves, “Is there any difference between both?” In this aspect, Scarlet Diva shows us many signs of delusional women and we get a clear picture of how people live in the world of self-destruction. Together, her detachment with the materialistic world and the emphasis on the character towards the redemption will give you goosebumps.

Gone Girl (2014): Gone Girl is one of the most stimulating movies of the decade, directed by David Fincher. The plot of the movie speaks for itself. This movie has two different readings of the modern marriage and speaks about the life of a deranged married woman whose husband cheats on her. On the 5th anniversary of their marriage, we see Nick Dunne, a bar owner entering his home that is theatrically violated with her wife Amy, missing. The front door of the house is open, the glass table turned and filled with blood and the entire house changed into a crime scene. While the evidence of domestic fights and financial troubles turn a finger at the suspicion with uncertain displays of grief. Within few days, Nick will be shown as a smiling sociopath in the public and the suspicion becomes more pressing when the search of his wife becomes more stupid. Then, the detectives find a diary where the voice of the wife is heard through the pages revealing an entirely different reading of their marriage and here’s when the husband realizes that he has been framed. The real eminence of lurk in this movie is about Paul Verhoeven or the write Joe Eszterhas, who successfully managed to give us an erotic and mind-fuck thriller. The opening movement of the movie, Gone Girl gives you a sympathetic touch and thanks to Rosamund Pike who has beautifully played the character. The scene where she kills her stalker will send you goosebumps throughout. What makes the movie amazing is committing crimes again and again out of the basic instinct, the devil philosophy filled with orgasmic blood splashes. Gone Girl is a film that is umbilically tied to the disreputable movie, however, its the picturization and the performances that made the film even better.

Valley of the Dolls (1967): What we have in this movie is nothing but a dirty opera. We call it dirty because it is intended to be, but by default, it is a soap opera. The movies try to raise the movies to the level of pornography but fail in between. However, there are a lot of mindfuck scenes that one can find in this movie. This movie is not apparently dirty just because it has lots of sex in it, but because it has other elements that make it dirty as well. However, the movie altogether makes sense just like the soap operas that are aimed at the different kind of audiences that are fascinated with the sex subject, only in a disapproving way. “Valley of the Dolls’ as a movie is given a pantheon full of many women. In this movie, the women keep falling because they have gotten drunk and they have taken too many pills. The main offense is about their irregular, distracted and utterly messed up private lives. The story of this movie is downright confusing and we can hardly keep it straight by thinking through it but it doesn’t matter at all. The movie contains many scenes that persist in the memory, however, the scenes where we see Sharon Tate busting in the exercises and particularly acting towards the end of the scene. One should preserve this movie in the future history just to show people that Hollywood is capable of appalling and offensive vulgarity.

Funeral Parade of Roses (1969): Funeral Parade of Roses is an avant-garde punk drama. A simultaneous product which has been made way ahead of its time. Like other directors who were focused on the challenging yet radical movies, Toshio Matsumoto of 1970s has come up with this movie that has been inspired from the French new wave, especially the work of Jean Luc Godard. If you observe the works of Stanley Kubrick, you will also know that this movie has exerted a great influence on him especially for the movie ‘A Clockwork Orange’ which has brought him immense credit. However, the movie holds a greater similarity in style to Godard’s movies where Matsumoto is called the director of ‘Contempt’ and ‘Breathless’, who have been trying to make a new kind of film altogether. Being a film of the 1970s, Funeral Parade of Roses tops the list of Best Movies with Insane Women Characters and it has a traditional storytelling. Eddie, a man who struggles with his own identity along with his lover tries to avoid the detection of Leda. However, the movie puts gay people and the transgenders and then places their alienation before the frustrated viewers in a mainstream interrogation as the viewers attempt on understanding the thoughts of Eddie and his past. The director gives us the murder and the child molestation of Eddie where we are treated with interviews of several gays and drag queens who love to dress up like women. What makes the movie exclusively special are the musical cues, the organ versions of the jingles and the chopped up and slowed down screenplay that comes in between making us realize that we are actually watching a movie. Matsumoto also excels in interrupting us every now and then with abstract words like Sun, Roses and Severed Head. Altogether, this is one of the most amusing movies that I have watched and definitely should be added in your list of movies to watch this weekend.

Normal Love (1963): Normal Love is full of monsters, evil and freaks and other people in different costumes, all of them attending a romp ina country. This movie is incomplete which in fact makes the film complete in its one way. It is closed, but intriguing so that people started looking up to the movie for the same. There’s not much glean about the movie other than the picnic vibe or the celebration but it is somehow horrifying for the audience as it creates a certain type of disturbance about it. The story, the director and the actors in the film are deterred by the responses. It is said that Andy Warhol has been cast in the movie but in the climactic scene, and you can find around dozen men roaming in bikinis. Therefore, there is not a chance that you would recognize him and this way, you might as well have missed many others. There will be many frail human scenes in the movie and therefore, this movie goes beyond your expectation. In a nutshell, this movie is known to celebrate the corniness, the ineptitude, the with the sexual and the colorful vibes. The mermaids, the mummies in this movie look alluring while the snakes affirm the phallic correlation in a crude yet unsubtle manner with revelry and indulgence.

To Die For (1995): To Die For is a movie which is pretty similar and shares a lot of resemblance to the movie, Gone Girl. The movie contains a murder mystery and it entirely revolves around the psychopathic woman who avenges his husband and therefore plots in order to kill him with the help of her lover. Nicole Kidman plays the role of this character where she indeed delivers an unbelievable and spectacular performance as a cold-hearted woman who would do anything in order to kill the husband. Apparently, after killing her husband, her drama gets the national exposure and amidst the new situations, she doesn’t realize what she is actually doing. Even in the darkest of the darkest moments, the film has a light-hearted touch about it making it stand out as one of the best movies you have watched. However, the ending of the movie is predictable and pretty much abrupt but that doesn’t stop you from watching the film. The film is entirely filled with perfectly drafted characters. Dillion, a former idol whose teen acting has been underrated a bit, turns into a sly performance as a man who is seduced by comfort and dazzled by the prettiness. This entire movie is about the character Suzane, and Nicole Kidman inspires us in playing the role. Her makeup, her clothes, her speech, her body language, her hair and even her manners is a treat to eyes. A perfect pitch, altogether you will be entirely absorbed with eerie conviction as Suzanne is shown to us as a woman who bestows pity on us because we are not like her. You know the interesting thing? We can never be her.

Dogtooth (2009): Dogtooth is a bizarre movie that has homeschooling as the main concept but only in extremes. Some of the homeschoolers in the movie try to limit the children and their learning while the others in the movie try to broaden them. The parents in this movie are beyond these two categories and as they realm into the psychopathology genre. As you watch the movie you will be appalled by the content it contains. Throughout the movie, no name is given to the family or any of the members but it contains a mother, a father, a brother and two sisters all of them living in an affluently large home behind a gate and a high wall which is locked. In the entire family, only the father manages to drive to the factory on his own and all of the others are nothing less than the prisoners. The entire movie revolves around a house where there are a swimming pool and a lawn. The family also contains a television set which is used to watch the home videos of the family and the children don’t have any idea of how the outside world actually is where they are told that the man-eating cats usually roam. Also, they think the family has another brother whom they have not heard or seen on the other side. The film has won an award at the Cannes 2009 and this is because of the words that are taught to them for example, according to them Sea stands for a big armchair in the living room. Father is a taskmaster with reprimands and hard slaps and who teaches the family members to get on the four legs and bark making you speechless.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011): Another movie directed by David Fincher, The Girl With Dragon Tattoo has a cult following and everything for a reason. The movie has an original Swedish version which got released in 2009 and is indeed considered as one of the best movies around the world. The movie is well presented and well acted, all of that because of everything it has. The English remake of the movie is equally impactful and there has been a huge uproar about the movie when it got released because of the casting of Rooney Mara as the lead. The English remake of this movie is not disappointing and in fact, it outshines the original version and it is up to you to watch the movie. The English version is appealing where you find long drives through the snow to amazing Sweden scenarios because of the huge budget it holds. However, it is to be reminded that this movie is not for everyone. It is strictly dialogue driven and it takes time for one to get into the groove but it has the impact. The movie contains cinematography and as well as high acting. The thing about this film is that it fascinates you with the fierce, the lean Salander who takes you into the roots of the Girl character that we haven’t seen before. We are shown in the movie that horrible things have had happened to her earlier in her life, which is why she gets into a proud and angry isolation altogether. Her apartment is nothing less than an eagle’s nest and she maintains online relationships with technology geeks in order to confront her sexual needs other than that, she lives in bleak seclusion till the time she falls in love with Mikael Blomkvist, an investigative journalist.

Malena (1991): Guiseppe Tornatore has made Malena narrate the story of someone whose life is destroyed because she has a great butt and a misfortune that runs through her. The film transforms this very theme with regret, nostalgia and also comedy but it conveys the point that has to be conveyed. While the movie is amusingly beautiful, we tend to doubt its sincerity here and there because of the camera that movies lovingly on Monica Belluci, the charming actress. While there is nothing so hugely awkward about this film, there are moments of discomfort all over it. All the scenes are set up in an Italian town during the 1940s, where a group of boys eagerly wait for Malena to pass by. According to them, she is everything they think how a woman should be, as she arouses their imaginations with languorous and swaying passages. A school teacher and someone of average intelligence, she should have been aware of how the local guys would be affected and how their libido changes but she stays oblivious of all that and therefore, the movie takes various twists and turns. All the films of Fellini involve adolescents being inflamed and aroused by women who embody their desires. Fellini manages to find humor which is underlying in the sexual obsession. Malena is indeed a simple story in which the young man gets transfixed by a woman and then gets married to the idea of her. The movie grows gloomier with a lot of humiliation in it that goes beyond the scale as something that we haven’t seen ever before. Also, it takes us to an ending which is deep and tragic.

3 Women (1977): 3 Women is one such movie with mysterious depths in it and it is a film which is more like something that we have imagined as a dream. This masterpiece tells the story of three different women whose identities are shift, blur or merge until the last scene where they have finally formed a family and become one person that leaves you completely spellbound. I have seen the movie most of the times, but with the shot by shot by analysis, you will want to watch it again and again as each time will give you a different meaning. This movie is nothing but a recurring dream that we have before but are not finished and which is why we revolve around it because of the enigma. The three women in this movie are placed by Shelley Duvall, Janice Rule and Sissy Spacek who live in an apartment, living in the Californian desert. Duvall is a therapist acting in a senior care center, Spacek a colleague who eventually becomes a roommate to her. The rule, a pregnant woman is a wife to the building owner who has silence in her as she paints the bottoms of the pool with figures of bizarre men and women and other godlike beings as well. There are many men in the movie including Edgar, the house owner who speaks in sardonic voices and defines himself as a person associated with beer, motorcycles, and guns. However, all these three women link with each other resulting in an interesting climax.

Safe (1995): Safe is a movie that has a low-level hum for the soundtrack and you don’t always notice this. There are just a lot of scenes in the movie that you can see. We don’t actually think of it as an audio flaw but the soundtrack creates a subtle effect suggesting that some kind of malevolent machine is always at work through the movie say idling engines, electrical motors or air conditioning. Therefore, the entire environment of the movie is pretty menacing. The movie manages to tell you the story of Carol, played by Julianne Moore who is allergic to her work environment and who feels that something is out there trying to get to her. She lives in an antiseptic, affluent and luxurious Californian home and her only duty are to care her appearance and as well as health. She drinks water, works out and supervises her staff and keeps on attending the luncheons while her husband Greg is shown as a distant person who never actually comes to see her. On a certain day, she collapses and this doesn’t appear like a medical thing and soon she is shown seeing a psychiatrist who suggests that the problem is within herself. While the psychiatrist isn’t much of help, we see her growing weaker and more frightened eventually and she suffers from various anxiety attacks. The entire world seems to be closing on her and eventually, we see that the environment around her is making her sick. She gets attacked by ozone, plastics, high energy wires, chemicals, additives, pollution, preservatives, and gases as well.

Multiple Maniacs (1970): The title of the movie pays homage to the classic ‘Two Thousand Maniacs’ written and directed by Herschell Gordon Lewis. John Waters also manages to tip his hat down to the freaks and the mansion family of Tod Browning while exploring the horrendous and blasphemous limits of Catholicism. Here and there, we see stations of cross fantasy sparking by the sexual rapture and can only be described as the movie ‘The Passion of the Christ’ right on the Quaaludes with Edith Massey playing the role of Virgin Mary. Making a film in this PC cautious world with shrilling conservatism about it is disturbing but also thrilling at moments. The sacrilegious moments of the movie will not just make you squirm but the rape and the campy humor might as well give you a deeper discomfort about it where the superstars and the cops are killed. The film also contains a technical polish about it with unrefined edges, distorted camerawork and all of that with loose plotting but because of the content, the movie will leave you immensely disturbed with the new wave, the new style exploitation as well altogether.

That being said, go through this list of Best Movies with Insane Women Characters and spend your weekend with thrill, suspicion, and tonnes of adrenaline rush wondering how someone we see as calm and composed creatures at our home can turn out to be so unpredictable.

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