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Top 25 Best Mind Fuck Movies of All Time – Updated for 2019

Top 25 Best Mind Fuck Movies of All Time – Updated for 2019
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Before we begin with this list, let me warn all your reader out there that if you are looking for beautiful romantic movies which involve love passion and a happy ending, you should not even bother reading this post any further. The movies that have been mentioned here are those that are completely going to play with as well as fuck with your mind.
It is possible that you might have watched many of these movies, but if not, you are really going to have a wild time watching them alone as well as with your friends. These are some movies that you should watch at your own risk, they are really going to play with your mind and will make you question reality. It is very common that you might have some doubts about reality and find yourself in a pool of questions that you will want an answer too. However, it is also possible that some of these concepts might go over your head, but that should not stop you from watching all of these mind fuck movies one by one.

You will also feel a lot of emotions while watching the movie. Feeling stupid and not grasping the concept is among one of them. But that is something almost all of us go through as the movies itself are made in such way to confuse the viewers about what is going on. However, this is also the best thing about these movies that, you get so many plot twists and turns, along with a whole new extraordinary plot, keeping you glued to your seats and at the edge till the end. You won’t even come to know when the whole story will turn around in front of your eyes.

So before we begin with the list, we would recommend Disney movie lovers to stay away and others to grab a bucket of popcorn, some drinks, and some serious audience. Here is our list of best 25 mind fuck movies, in no particular order, that you need to watch right away.

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25 Best Mind Fuck Movies of All Time – Let the Countdown Begin!

Fight Club


Fight Club is one of the most popular and amazing mind fuck movie you can ever watch. This comic drama starts with a man named Edward Norton who is the depressed narrator of the movie. Norton has got everything he wants, his apartment, good life, but still, something bugs him in this huge world of business. Despite all this, he does not like his work and can’t see anything coming out of it. You will find him alienated surrounded by thoughts and sorrow. He is so alone that he even starts visiting support groups for patients where he finally finds someone to talk to and finally good sleep.

However, things change while he is traveling to another place on a flight where he meets Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt). Tyler sells soap and is not much related to the materialistic world like other people. After they get down from the flight, Norton loses his home and meets Tyler again where he challenges him to a fight. Both of them feel amazing after the fight and make it a routine. Soon they become housemates and start the “fight club” in which more and more people join. However, things becomes a lot more complicated when Tyler gets involved with a girl named Marla and takes the fight club violence and notoriousness to a whole new level.

Donnie Darko

It is really hard to define this movie. It is really a mind fuck movie, as well as the movie plot, revolves around a teenager named Donnie Darko who starts getting strange visions. Donnie starts seeing a man with a bunny mask on his face in his dream named Frank. This bunny Frank also urges Donnie to do a lot of dangerous as well as destructive pranks. In of such nights when Darko meets Frank, he tells him that the world will come to an end. Soon after that, we see a jet coming through Donnie’s room, which makes him believe that Frank might be saying the truth.
In addition to that, Donnie deals with a lot more problems like his parents, who are confused most of the time, the English teacher and a girl to whom he is attracted to. Donnie Darko is the first film by Richard Kelly and you really need to watch it to understand it.

Ex Machina

Ex Machina is a sci-fi mind fuck movie that will be loved by people who like watching some futuristic elements in the movie. There are a lot of dark things about the future that are reflected in the movie. Ex-Machina starts with a young brilliant programmer (Domhall Gleeson) who is invited by the CEO of a huge tech company. The main job of the recruit is to evaluate one of the CEOs invention. The invention is actually an Android robot named Ava, who is given the highly advanced AI mind ever developed. However, during the test he is asked to take on the robot, he is not allowed to move outside the compound and realized that there is something fishy going around. But, things turn out different when we find out that the AI gets advanced enough manipulate human minds using its beauty as well as the brain.

The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense is a different kind of psychological horror movie with a great plot twist. It is one of the most iconic movies of all times featuring Bruce Willis as Dr. Malcolm Crowe, a child psychologist who encounters a strange patient whom he diagnosed long back. However, he shots him, but later we see Malcolm engaging with a new child client who is facing a problem that is way beyond his experience as well as expertise. The role of the child is played by (Haley Joel Osment), a six-year-old child who says that he can see ghosts and dead people. As we go through the movie, we see that the child has psychic power and can see those spirits that are troubled. I the starting, Cole is unable to understand his powers and Dr. Crowe is the only person who can help him. He has no control over his powers which leads to unexpected and strange experiences for both the child and the doctor. We are not going to unveil the plot twist here, but if you love horror movies, it is one of the best mind fuck horror film ever made.


Almost all of us are a fan of Cristopher Nolan movies and Inception is another masterpiece from the director. Inception is an action sci-fi movie which features the concept of entering another person’s mind through their dreams. The main lead is played by Leonardo di Caprio as Dom Cobb whose job is to steal ideas instead of things. He does so by projecting himself as well as his partners deep into the subconscious of the target, he can access the information and can even implant a new idea into the victim’s mind. However, lob loses everything and is chased by the police for the murder of his wife. But he gets an only chance to go back, and for that, his team should do something that is very dangerous as well as almost impossible. The movie is made in such a way that you are taken into a timeline within a timeline. Also, there is one thing that you will discover about this movie. The more number of time you watch it, the more you will understand it. And that is something you can find by re-watching the movie again and again.

Shutter Island

Shutter Island is an epic mind fuck movie by Martin Scorsese featuring Leonardo Di Caprio as the main lead in the iconic thriller. However, the movie is based on the novel by Dennis Lehane. The movie starts with Teddy Daniels (Leonardo), a World War II veteran, as well as his partner Chuck (played by Mark Ruffalo) are on a ferry to Shutter Island. Shutter Island is a water bound land with a mental asylum containing all the dangerous criminals which are mentally unstable. The detectives have been given the charge to investigate the disappearance of a patient named Rachel Solando (played by Emily Mortimer). Rachel was brought to the asylum after she murdered her three small children by drowning them. However, due to the strange behavior of the staff and the head in charge Dr. Cawley (Ben Kingsley), Teddy starts suspecting that the authorities of the hospital might not be providing him the full details of the disappeared patient and they might also have something to do with it. During the movie, you see that Teddy have something that is troubling him as well. He needs to find the person who killed his wife who is incarcerated in the island as well. To find and confront him and also stranded on the island due to a heavy storm, Teddy comes across a whole bunch of secrets that unfolds all the madness in front of him. Shutter Island is definitely an outstanding movie that you must watch right now if you haven’t watched it yet.


Oldboy comes from a Korean filmmaker Park Chan-wook and he presents a very dark and sad story depicting vengeance as well as punishment while taking to a whole new level. On one fine day, Oh Dae-Su (played by Choi Min-sik) is abducted from the road. The image of Oh Dae-Su is not very good. He is known as a womanizer while being a spouse as well as a father of a small child girl. Oh Dae-Su is locked in a prison room for 15 years, and the kidnapper doesn’t even tell him the reason for it. The only companion he has with him in his room is a television along with daily does of fried dumplings. We see him struggling from going insane and trying to keep his mind as well as body sound. However, during all these years, Oh Dae-Su learns that his wife and child have been murdered, and he is only being suspected as the killer. Also, while his time in the prison cell, he trains himself to make him strong. But, suddenly after 15 years are done, he is released on the same spot from where he was taken. He is also given money as well as a phone, on which he gets calls from an unknown number. Now he needs to find the person who is responsible for his condition and for the murder of his wife and child, and take his revenge for everything. This mind fuck movie we would specially like to recommend to all the viewers out there.

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind is a unique film by Michel Gondry. The romantic comedy focusses on two people, Joel Barish (played by Jim Carey) and Clementine (played by Kate Winslet). They both meet on a train and then fell in love with each other. Everything is going fine, but one day, Joel gets a letter from a doctor stating that his ex-girlfriend, Clementine has got all her memories with him erased from her mind. Joel finds out that it is possible via an experimental procedure that is performed by someone called Dr. Mierzwiak (played by Tom Wilkinson). However, in anger, Joel also takes the decision to get Clementine and all the memories of their relationship from his mind. But as the procedure starts, Joel finds himself struggling in between the memories that are being erased and tries to save them from getting deleted. What happens next is something very beautiful and something that you definitely need to watch.


Memento is another movie by Christopher Nolan and another masterpiece really. Memento is an offbeat thriller, a story of a man who is seeking the killer of his wife but is unable to remember to full crime scene. Leonard (played by Guy Pierce) is a man who is suffering from a strange problem, short-term memory loss. After the rape and murder of his wife, he was beaten by the same man on his head, leading to his current situation. Leonard is not able to retain any new information that his mind gets. We also see that he has tattooed his entire body of few basic as well as crucial information without which it is hard for him to get along. After every certain minute, Leonard retains the awareness of his wife’s murder and is filled with the obsession of taking revenge from the person who ruined his entire life. The whole movie is in two timelines. One is the black and white one in which the movie moves forward from after he was released from the hospital. And the other timeline moves backward which begins Leonard killing a person. Leonard knows that with his situation, he cannot trust anyone. The director has adapted and portrayed the situation in such a manner that makes Memento one of the most amazing mind fuck movie of this century.

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly effect comes from the screenwriters of Final Destination 2. J. Mackye Gruber and Eric Bress make their debut as a director in this mind-boggling sci-fi thriller. The movie revolves around the life of a boy named Evan Treborn (played by Ashton Kutcher) who has a lot of bad childhood memories. When he was a kid, he suffered from a strange problem where he used to black out for long period of time and woke up with no memory of what had happened. He writes all about his life in a journal, however, once going through the same memory, where he later blacked out, and trying to find the truth about his childhood friend Lenny (played by. Elden Henson), Kayleigh (Amy Smart) and Tommy (William Lee Scott). However, instead, he discovers that he can actually travel back in time in those blackouts, live those crucial portions of his life again and set things right. However, he later finds out that those minor difference in his life completely change his current life and creates a lot of problems in the future. The movie is very interesting to watch and plays around with your brain even after you have finished the movie.

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey is an old yet mind fuck sci-fi movie that was way ahead of its time. The movie is directed by Stanley Kubrick and is based on the story by Arthur C. Clarke, The Sentinel. The movie starts around 4 million years ago when early hominids used to live on this earth and then one day they discover a mysterious black monolith. Soon after that, the hominids start preparing weapons out of bones and stones to fight and kill other dangerous animals as well as enemy tribes.

Just after that, the story forwards four million years to Dr. Heywood who is o his way to the moon. There Heywood meets other Russian scientists who have been talking about an epidemic that might hinder their work at the moon base. Floyd goes on to find the new discovery and find a black monolith similar to that we saw in the starting of the movie there.
Now the story again takes a leap of 18 months and jumps to Discovery One, a spaceship that is going to Jupiter with Dr. Dave Bowman, Frank and three other astronauts on board in cryosleep. The functioning of the ship is handled by a computer HAL 9000, which makes use of its AI brain to make decisions in crucial moments. By the time, we also see the computer hindering the missions of the Astronauts and trying to kill them.

Finally, when Bowman reaches Jupiter and finds the third monolith as well, he travels through vast distances through space and time finding himself in a room turning old with every passing second. In the end, the monolith appears in front of him and then transforms him into an angel looking creature. We are sure that you must have got nothing from this summary. However, the movie is a complete reverse and takes you on a mysterious and thrilling trip around the space-time and unknown forces.

The Machinist

The Machinist is a dark movie that starts with a person named Trevor Reznik (player by Cristian Bale) who is an industrial worker in a factory battling his way through sanity. One day, while Trevor is taking a cigarette break, he meets Ivan, who tells him that he is working the swing shift in the same factory. However, Trevor has never seen Ivan in the area before. However, next day, one of Trevor’s coworker, Miller asks him for his help with one of the machines. But, Trevor gets distracted by Ivan and then accidentally bumps into the start button of the machine, resulting in Miller losing his arm.
When the company investigates in the matter, Trevor tells that he was distracted by a co-worker named Ivan, but the company officials claim that a worker with such name doesn’t even work in the factory.

At the same time, Trevor gets involved with a prostitute named Stevie and also is seeing a waitress with the name Marie for coffee and pie every night. But there is a strange thing happening. Every time, Trevor goes for a pie, the clock only moves for one second. He thinks that he is losing his mind and finally meets Ivan for a drink. However, he instead finds a picture of Ivan with a co-worker who is holding a fish in his hand. This makes Trevor feel that Ivan is a real person. But later, when he does not find the picture with him, he is convinced that Steve and Miller might have set him up and he begins finding Ivan finally realizing that it was only a small part of his imagination. He also finds some notes in his kitchen that are incomplete and make no sense. However, joining them together brings out a completely different story.


Predestination is a movie that is really going to play a lot with your mind. In the starting of the movie, we see a time-traveling detective on a mission to disarm a bomb but fails. The bomb explodes and the detective trying to prevent it loses his face. Another person helps him to grasp the time traveling device and takes him to a hospital. The face of the detective is destroyed and he gets a new identity with a face transplant.

Now we see the agent traveling back in 1970 in the city of New York and chatting with one of his customers. The name of the customer is John who is having a lot of articles under the name ‘The Unmarried Mother”. The customer now tells him his entire life story, how she grew up in the orphanage, how she applied for a program with the name “Space Corp”, but got disqualified from the program. Later she met a man who she fell in love with, but later the man left her and disappeared. Later she was again approached by Space Corp but while diagnosing her, they found out that she was intersex and went a gender rearrangement. Since then, she has been living like a man.

John offers her a proposal to go back in time and take revenge from her lover. In return, she will have to take the time traveler’s job for an indefinite time he wants. From here things start taking unexpected turns you are lost sitting on your edges, where the story takes you. Predestination is a new movie and a must watch for people who are in love with science fiction genre.

Being John Malkovich

Before we start summarizing this movie for you, we would like to ask you a simple question. Will you give money to get into the mind of another person? The movie Being John Malkovich revolves around this particular concept only. Craig Schwartz (played by John Cusack) is a puppeteer who is facing a lot of financial issues. He looks and finds a temporary job of a clerk on the seventh and half floor. One day while going through the cabinets, Craig finds a small door entering which he enters the mind of a person named John Malkovich. He later discovers that, once he enters the portal, he can control John for a certain period of time after which he is thrown somewhere in the outskirts of the town. Soon, he and his co-worker, start promoting the portal for money by allowing different people to spend 15 minutes in the mind of the famous actor John Malkovich. But eventually, Craig’s wife, Lotte (Cameron Diaz), takes a trip in the actor’s mind as well, but fells in love with John’s girlfriend Maxine. Also, she gets infatuated with both Craig as well as Maxine, but only when they are inside John’s mind. The movie takes a different turn when this trip becomes more of an obsession for them. Directed by Spike Jonez, Being John Malkovich is one twisted mind disturbing movie that you should definitely watch at least once.

The Lobster

The Lobster is a movie about David (played by Collin Farell) whose wife had left him and after which he is sent to the hotel. Well, the hotel is a bit different since it is only for single adults and is also urged to find a new other in less than 45 days. In case he fails to find a new other in this limited amount of time, he will be changed into an animal and that too of his choice. There are certain other rules of the hotel as well. First of all, masturbation is not at all allowed, but one definitely needs to get sexually stimulated by the hotel maid, it is mandatory. In case the residents need more time, they need to hunt the loners or singles living in the jungle to earn an extra day. However, he runs as well and finds a runaway (Rachel Weisz) in the forest, and both of them fall in love. They both then try to escape the hotel, but the in charge come to know about their plan and tried to destroy it. It is interesting to find what happens with them next and whether she is the other he needs to save himself from transforming. The movies are the first English language movie from a Greek director named Yorgos Lanthimos and offer something interesting and new to the viewers.


This movie is kind of strange and may not be liked by everyone out there. It starts with a man trying to save the life of another man when suddenly he finds himself drawn into a netherworld that he did not even know existed in reality. Sam Foster (played by Ewan McGregor) is a psychiatrist by profession who lives in the city of New York along with his girlfriend. His girlfriend was also one of his patients. However, things change when another his patient, who is a disturbed man named Henry Letham (Ryan Gosling), announces in a session that he is going to commit suicide in three days. Foster takes this as his responsibility and tries to track him down who has disappeared after the announcement. He talks to different people and comes to know a lot about Henry as well as himself. In the journey, he also starts feeling the emotional netherworld where dead and the living cross their paths. The movie has been directed by Marc Foster who has also directed two famous films Finding Neverland and Monster’s Ball.

Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder is a 1990 psychological horror movie which has been directed by Adrian Lyne and has been produced by Alam Marshall. The movie talks about the story of a man who is in generally tortured by other and then finds himself stuck between the reality and his hallucinations. The main lead Jacob Singer (played by Tim Robbins) is a soldier who has been posted in Vietnam. There he undergoes a lot of traumatic experiences. However, the reason behind these incidents is not clear to the viewer. After that, the movie changes its timeline and move forward to the year 1970 in the city of New York. Jacob is staying in the city but is suffering from strange anxieties. He cannot remember what all happened with him in Vietnam and has also lost his son recently.

Jacob is working as a letter crier in States and soon falls in love with his co-worker named Jezzie (played by Elizabeth Pena). He divorces his wife to get with Jezzie, however, things turn upside down when a lot of bad things starts happening to him. For example: he is almost overrun by a subway train, different faceless demons chase him etc. He also gets panic attacks whenever he finds chaos around him. He seeks for counsel from Louis (played by Danny Aiello) to get rid of all these problems he is facing.

Mr. Nobody

Mr. Nobody is a different kind of movie that is based upon the choices that a man makes in his lifetime. Nemo Nobody (played by Jared Leto) is an old dying 117-year-old man who is ill and is spend last of his days in a hospital. He looks back to his life at all the crucial moments and important decisions and how things could have been different if he would have gone with different choices. The movie goes back in time when Nemo was 9 years old, and we see him standing on a train platform. His parents are divorced and they wish to take Nemo with them. However, he is the one who needs to make the choice that whether he wishes to go with his father or mother. This decision of his is going to determine the kind of life that he is going to spend along with infinite other possibilities that would have happened with him in those different lives. While on his bed, Nemo imagines almost all those possibilities, he could have had different wives, one Jeanne (played by Linh-Dan Pham), who is a sweet girl but at the same time, is emotionally blank, Anna (played by Diane Kruger), the girl he loves but cannot marry, and Elise (played by Sarah Polley), who is a lovely girl but is very troubled at the same time. However, while imagining so many possibilities, so many lives, and so many different paths that he could have taken, his brain starts failing him and he finds it difficult to differentiate between his imagination and the real life.


Primer is a sci-fi mind-boggling movie coming from filmmaker Shane Carruth who also marks his filmmaking debut with this film. The movie revolves around the life of two entrepreneurs who are working on something in their garage. However, when they complete it, they observe that their new machine is having some kind of side effect on them. On researching further, they find that the machine that they have invented can double and can even quadruple the space-time of the object which enters in it. They try to use the machine as well as the effect for their financial and emotional benefit. But very soon they realized that there are other effects two that they didn’t even imagine would occur and are almost unaware of what it is. The movie Primer is for serious movie watchers and not for those who like to watch the movie just for fun. The movie is a low budget one and contains technical conversations, science concept making it hard for every other person to understand it completely.

The Prestige

The Prestige is a very popular movie over jealousy, obsession, and competition directed by none other than Cristopher Nolan. Focusing on the lives of two rival magicians, Rupert Angier (played by Hugh Jackman) and Alfred Borden (played by Christian Bale), who is based in the city of London. Both of them are exceptional magicians, however, they envy each other, each other’s skills as well as each other’s tricks. Both of them used to work together, but after Borden kills Angier’s lover while performing a trick, they separate. Meanwhile, Borden performs an amazing trick in his show, astonishing the crowd with almost no possible explanation. Rupert tries to reinvent the trick in his own way but finds it difficult to replicate. Soon, the friendly competition between the magicians takes a deadly form where both the magicians become obsessed with the idea of defeating each other. Angier decides to reveal all the hidden secrets of Bordon by anyway, and in order to do this, he is even ready to bend all the physical laws of nature. The Prestige was the first movie after memento which brought both the Nolan brother to work together and produce something spectacular and mind disturbing for the audience.

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Enter the Void

Enter the Void is a movie that is definitely not made for everybody. Enter the Void is a “psychedelic melodrama” and the story of a person named Oscar (played by Nathaniel Brown) who is a small drug dealer who usually sells his stuff in the wares in a club in Tokyo with the name “The Void”. One day, while setting his drugs, he is chased by Police and is ultimately shot dead. However, the movie does not end here. We see Oscar crossing to another plane and searching for his sister. When he was a child, he promised his younger sister to look after him, and after his death, his soul travels past consciousness, on a journey to find his sister in the city of Tokyo. In the afterlife that we see in the movie, displays his struggle to reunite with his sister to complete his promise, who right now works as a dancer in a bar. We would not recommend this movie to everyone, but if you have some psychedelic experience or if you think you can handle such environment, you can definitely give this movie a shot.


Videodrome is a movie that packs all the dark elements of the modern world including hardcore pornography, mind control, sadomasochism, televisions coming to life etc. Directed by David Cronenberg, he includes all his explorations about the technical obsession among the people as well as the dangerous sides of sexuality in the movie. The main actor of Videodrome is Max Renn (played by James Wood), who is a TV executive and is looking for a new show for his network which is sex oriented. He discovers a program named “Videodrome”, which basically displays the sexual content based on actual murders. He tries to watch the program and go into its depth but soon finds himself addicted to it. He also meets a blonde woman named Nicki (played by Debbie Harry) who tries to allure him. Meanwhile, the program leaks and also starts affecting the people living in outside world. The addiction grows so much of this program that he starts losing track of what is reality and what is an illusion. Videodrome is really a mind disturbing film but with a good, different and strange concept, which was way ahead of its time when the movie was released, and is, must watch for people looking for some different disturbing movies.

A tale of Two Sisters

A tale of two sisters is a Korean, horror and very popular movie coming from Kim Jee-Woon. The story of the movie takes its story from an old Korean folktale known as “Jangha and Hongryun”. The movie is the story of two sisters who have returned to their isolated lake house. The two young girls are Su-mi (played by Im Su-Jung) and Su-Yeon (played by Mun Geun-Yeong) and they have returned after a long time from the hospital, after their mother’s demise. When the girls return, they find that their father, Mu-Hyun (played by Kim Gab-Su) has married another woman Eun-Joo (played by Yeom Jeong-ah). The girls despise her because she is not good to them and soon one of the sisters Su-mi start believing that there is something that her new mother, Eun-Joo is hiding some very dark secret from them. The movie was also remade in English, however, it didn’t possess the horror that you find in the original Korean version.


Audition is another controversial horror movie directed by Takashi Miike. As the name says, the movie is a TV producer who has lost his wife and sets up an audition for finding a new one. While he is inspecting every participant, there is one girl that gets the producer’s attention. The produces is overwhelmed with his luck and starts looking in detail at the girl. However, the background details of the girl do not match the form and she also has a lot of ugly scars all over her legs. Later he learns that whosoever can into the girl’s life, ultimately disappeared. There is a dark secret that this woman is having and later we find out there is a man as well who is tied from tongue to feet and he is held prisoner by her in her living room. This movie is an epic horror thriller that will send chills down your spine for sure.


Cube is a Canadian movie which also won the award for the “Best Canadian Fist Feature” film in Toronto Film Festival of 1997. Cube is a movie about a group of people who do not know each other and find themselves in the prison uniforms and locked up in a futuristic cube-shaped cells. All the prisoners find it difficult to recall their past memories. None of them can recall how they got there and Anderson (played by Julian Richings) is one of them. After he wakes up, we see him trying to escape the futuristic cell, enters a cube where he is sliced. After that, the former cop, Quentin (played by Maurice Dean-Wint) takes control of the leftover group but is challenged by Dr. Holloway (played by Nicky Guadagni), who is a theorist. Another person named Worth (played by David Hewlett) is a government worker and remembers some work which might be linked to this project they are already into. On further seeking, a math student named Leaven (played by Nicole de Boer) identifies that there are numerical codes that run the cube. However, on the other hand, a former thief named Rennes (played by Wayne Robson) tries to use different tricks to get out of the cube. In addition to that, there is an extremist with them named Kazan (played by Andrew Miller) who becomes a threat to the existence of other prisoners because of his nature and actions. Cube is an amazing film with so many elements that will definitely fuck up your mind.

The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspect is one of the best plot twist movie ever made. The main lead of the movie is none other than Kevin Spacey, who plays the role of a crippled man named Roger “Verbal” Kint. The movie begins with a huge explosion on a ship in San Pedro harbor killing 27 men and with a single survivor. Not only that, the 91 million dollar cocaine that was present on the ship is also missing. Verbal Kint is the only left witness as well as the key suspect in the case. Kint is summoned by the detectives who tells them the events that happened in the last five days. Kint tells the detectives that five days ago, a truck filled with gun parts was hijacked in the Queens area of New York. He along with four other men were pulled in as the suspects. These five men include Kint, McManus (played by Stephen Baldwin), Fenster (played by Benicio Del Toro), Hockney (played by Kevin Pollak) and Keaton (played by Gabriel Byrne). In the cell, all the five prisoners plan out to pull a quick job. Kint tries to give them wrong details, still, the group is able to pull off the robbery and flies to LA. While they are in LA, they get another job to do in the West, however, it goes terribly wrong and is finally visited by the person named Kobayashi (played by Pete Postlethwaite). Kobayashi represents the famous criminal and mastermind Keyser Soze. There is a thing popular about Keyzer Soze. Soze once received a to murder his family, but he killed his family himself to prove that he does not fear anyone. Keyser Soze offers a heist to the group of prisoners with no choice but to accept it. The Usual Suspects is must watch mind fuck movie because of the excellent acting, great story and one of the biggest plot twist in the movie history.

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