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Avengers End Game: The Original Six – The MCU Timeline and Plotline

Avengers End Game: The Original Six – The MCU Timeline and Plotline
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We all saw Avengers: Endgame and while we did enjoy the movie, most of us were left scratching our heads as to how the time travel in this movie works and how it affects the timeline of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. So here’s an explanation about how time travel in this movie works. It’s actually not that hard, if you keep in mind the rules, established in this movie. There is a scene in the movie where War Machine suggests that they could simply go kill baby Thanos before he collects all the stones. At this point, Hulk says something important.

“Time travel doesn’t work that way. if you travel to the past that past becomes your future and your former present becomes the past, which now can’t be changed by your new future”

How Avengers: Endgame concluded the character arcs, which were 11 years in the making.

The plan was to borrow the stones from the past to change the future, but if the stones are removed from the timeline, an alternate timeline is created. Hence, to avoid this problem, they have to return the stones exactly to the moment they were taken. Things go wrong when Past-Nebula from the past switches places with good-Nebula from the future. This creates an alternate timeline, with an alternate Thanos, who is bought from 2014 to the future. When IronMan snaps and wipes this Alternate Thanos and his army and saves ‘their’ timeline.

After Captain America returns the stones back to when they were taken, the original timeline still continues, so Thanos still collects the stones and he still snaps half of the universe out of existence and what happened will always happen, like Thanos said “The work is done. It always will be. I am inevitable”. Like this, the Avengers were able to save both the original timeline and the alternate timeline.

Now, since we got that out of our way, there is another important matter in our way, or rather some would like to say a plot-hole, that is,

The curious case of Captain America:

At the end of the movie, we see Captain America going back to the past to return all the Infinity Stones at the exact same moment from when they were taken, just to avoid opening up nasty timelines all around. Hulk sets up the time machine and sends him back to the past and when he tries to bring him back into the future, Captain America misses the blip and after some time Bucky sees an Old Steve Rogers sitting on the bench. This is where so many of us were like “wait, what? That’s not supposed to happen. What about the changes occurring to the timeline? What if Steve and Peggy have a baby who will ultimately destroy all time and space? What does this mean?”.

Give that man some much-deserved happiness will ya! I’ll tell you exactly what that means. To understand that, you should remember the scene where, after failing to acquire the tesseract, Cap From the moment I saw the teasers, I was sure that Endgame might just be the best written MCU movie and I’m happy it is. It’s not easy to handle a movie of this magnitude. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and get deviated from what they actually wanted to say.  Kudos to Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely along with the Russo’s for handling this movie with utmost care.

Since Winter soldier, I always wanted Cap to get a shot at Normal life. He sacrificed his life for the greater good, it’s only fair that gets to live it happily. As the movie was nearing the end I started to worry a bit. They covered all bases, concluded everyone’s arc. I wasn’t sure how they would end our beloved Captain’s character arc on an emotional note in such a short time. Boy, you should see my excitement when he didn’t return at the expected time. Seeing an old and aged Captain America, made me sad at first, cause as Sam said, I wasn’t too, ready for a world without Captain America. Then I realized that he deserved all that happiness and more. He might not live forever but he could damn sure live without any regrets. Seeing Steve dancing with Peggy brought tears to my eyes. I loved how Steve Rogers got his happy ending and a much-needed one at that.

He is a disease, not anymore – Hulk:

The Journey of Hulk in MCU is rather a strange one. This character changed hands from Eric Bana to Edward Norton and finally settled in the hands of Mark Ruffalo. Initially, I was skeptical of Mark, but he proved me wrong and made me love Hulk even more. Hulk’s character journey is a strange one with a lot of inconsistencies. Thanks to Joss Whedon, Hulk became a fan favorite and just when I thought they’re using him well, there comes Age of Ultron, in which I wasn’t a big fan of Bruce and Natasha’s arc. Then comes Ragnarok redeeming the character again only to get his ass whooped by Thanos in Infinity war. After all these hardships the character went through it’s good to see Bruce Banner finding the balance between the human side and the monstrous side. I liked how peaceful he is with himself in Endgame and this probably might just be my favorite portrayal of this character till date.

Hawkeye & Black Widow – Sacrifice:


When I first saw them, I was like, okay how are they going to contribute to the team fighting alongside super-powered humans. They are the only teammates that could relate to each other with some sort of history between them. Thanks to some great character writing, they quickly became the characters that the team needed. They proved to be the human element that the team needed. I liked how they came a long way from Budapest to Vormir and that’s when it hit me, that one of them is going to die. I didn’t want any of them to die, but alas, that’s the price. I loved how they fought each other, and in that fight I realized how much they loved each other and wanted the other one, to have a happy life. If that is not true friendship, I don’t know what is.

The Mighty Thor and his Beer Belly:

I absolutely loved the arc of the god of thunder.  Honestly speaking, I never loved the Thor movies. They were always the sort of fun popcorn flicks for me. After Thor: Ragnarok, that all changed. Taika Waititi redeemed both Thor and Hulk and after showing how powerful he is in Thor: Ragnarok and also in Infinity war, it’s a huge risk to show the God of Thunder, the Alpha male, with a dad bod and a constant drunk. The first time I saw him in his room drinking and depressed, I was shocked. Shocked how they humanized him and excited about what’s in the store.  That scene where he cries and meets his mother, seeking guidance from her. That, that gave inspiration. That even gods can be vulnerable and it’s okay to be like that. Hats off to the Russo’s for taking a huge risk and successfully pulling that off.

And the hero of the hour – I am Iron Man:

I don’t even know what to say. I’m still searching for words. It’s been a week since the movie released but I still haven’t gotten over Tony’s death. Even writing this now is bringing tears to my eyes. I was a naive kid back when the first Iron Man movie released. At that time I didn’t know who Iron Man is but I still remember seeing Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark and feeling a sense of satisfaction, like he is what Iron Man would be like. Contrary to popular opinion, I liked Iron Man 3. I loved what they did with Tony Stark in the movie.

Sinking him so low, literally and figuratively and making him rise above all these things. That’s when I decided that nobody could take away Iron Man from him. He is and will always be my Iron Man. He might be shown as an arrogant and egoistic prick, but he has a heart. I saw that in The Avengers when he was ready to sacrifice himself for humanity without even a second thought. Even in The Age of Ultron, I could see, behind his desperation, how he actually cared about all his friends and the lengths he was willing to go for them and even though he seemed a bit selfish for bringing a kid into a fight between heavyweights, I knew he cared about Peter.  He was always willing to sacrifice himself for others and he did exactly that. Part of the Journey is the end and every time I see you again, I promise it will be in celebration, just like you wanted. Be in Peace, Tony Stark.

You’ll always be Iron Man. Thank you, the original six!

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