‘Absentia’ TV Series Review: A predictable and boring ‘Castle’ type

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Absentia Cast & Crew:

  • Cast: Stana Katic, Cara Theobold, Angel Bonanni, Bruno Bichir, Neil Jackson, Ralph Ineson and Patrick Heusinger.
  • Writer: Gaia Viola, Matt Circulnick.
  • Director: Oded Ruskin.

Absentia Summary:

Absentia is a thriller series developed by AXN Networks and Sony Pictures Network, directed by Oded Ruskin. The series is telecasted in September 2017 and it has around ten episodes. The series has a cast including Patrick Heusinger and Stana Katic. Initially, Absentia is marked to premiere on the AXN Channels but later, it also got on Amazon Video in the United States. Coming to the plot, the series is about the story of Emily Byrne, an FBI agent who is on the hunt of Boston’s amusing serial killer. This serial killer disappeared once and has been declared dead. After six years, she is in the woods without any memory of the six years and is found barely alive. Returning home, she finds her husband marrying someone else and her son calling someone else as mom and she, implicated in new murders.

Absentia Review:

It’s difficult to image what exactly is going in Absentia if you have already watched ‘Castle’; then this series is indeed boring and extremely predictable. The series has been headlined by Stana Katic and on a whole, it appears as a misguided star vehicle. The story as mentioned is about a woman who is tortured, kidnapped and presumed as dead who is found six years after. The question here is whether Katic is in need of upgrading her resume after Castle that she has come up with a project which is indeed a bad decision. Absentia has been a messy and chaotic TV series which serves as a reminder for the good writing and that it is essential that the medium should be apt, here it is missing. The series doesn’t have cable acting as well which is why people are not hooked on it. According to the PSA for the issues, you have few more series which you want to consider.

However, if you want a series which wants to make Bulgaria look like Boston, Absentia is the show. Katic plays the role of Emily Byrne, an FBI special agent who is married to Nick Durand, a special agent. They two have a two-year-old son along with a dog abounding in happiness until she is taken away from her life and is put in a box where it keeps getting drowned with water over and over again and her only vision before losing consciousness is a man with a creepy mask. On her going away from home, Nick has married Alice who is now helping in raising their kid after six years. Life of the family has been good but Nick gets a call from Conrad Harlow, a serial killer who is punished for his wife’s murder. The voice on the phone is in the middle of the night where Nick gets told that Emily is alive and he has around an hour to save her. He literally jumps out of the bed and when Alice asks what happened, he just races outside without even saying a word.

Absentia is a show which is predictable here people do things over and over and over and over again which they wouldn’t do in your real life. The writers apparently make it a drama but the thing is it’s a bad drama. The movie is filled with silence, bad decisions and everything is considered as drama. Being asked and demanded to explain things, this series is filled with stupid things that are called as drama. A series filled with international ranked actors who are not fully committed to the roles and this is because of the dumb dialogue delivery. The series doesn’t have passion in here. They just wanted to put forward a patriots game between the shooting day but all they could manage is a friendly soccer game between two unknown games and I want to tell that it still would be light years more exciting than Absentia.

Katic has gained a loyal fan base from Castle days and this is one of the reasons behind the fanbase in Absentia who is turning to watch all the dumb things she does in the series. After six years, she has not only forgotten her memories but also forgets to drive and when her brother tries to reteach it, he does it in a road full of traffic with intersection instead of doing it in a vacant parking lot. Here in the show, we have hit the ground running down with Emily’s turmoil and torture in the picture. We never know in the first episode who she was, and none of the backgrounds is actually given. Similarly, we don’t even know the characters in her life before she gets abducted. The characters are introduced to us in a way that they are, during the six years. We only see Emily being in dread and panic and there is not an ‘off’ button for the suffering and it gets exhausting over the period.

Stana Katic’s performance shines here. Acting as a trauma victim whose life gets worse over and over, Absentia for the first episodes is nothing but a parade full of misery which doesn’t get better at all. The plot is supposed to be mysterious around a character who becomes a pawn in the hands of someone but over the period, the design of the show turns into a tragedy with the leads going wrong over and over and over. I would only recommend you to watch Absentia if you have nothing to do and if you have covered all the TV shows till now. Listed a thriller, it has got very little to offer to people and therefore should not be considered amusing at all. The writers and directors should actually work at making the series better if they are planning to take it further so that the fans won’t quit the show in a couple of upcoming episodes.

Rating: 1.5/5

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