A Star is Born Review – To be or Not to be a Hopeless Romantic

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For a star to be born, it takes a lot. Massive stellar bodies keep collapsing and dying in order to give form to this new and brighter celestial object. When a star is born, it is the strongest that you can see and witness. This is what learned through various science channels and in many of the movies. A Star is Born, is a musical tragedy made by the Hollywood for n number of times. Why is this story told multiple times? Well, we don’t know. A Star is Born has been made almost thrice, once in 1937 casting Fredric March and Janey Gaynor; once in 1954 with James Mason and Judy Garland; once in 1976 with Kris Kristofferson and Barbara Streis. After 40 years, this movie is being made again with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper. This story talks about a plagued man who hopes that a woman releases him from the torture that he has imparted on himself. We have seen this hope being failed for three times and after so many years, Bradley Cooper is set to try his luck. The man in this story might not say the same, because he has succeeded. He makes you fall in love in him with the story that we have known very well.

Cooper’s film is tragic but it doesn’t have melodrama in it. It is romantic but it doesn’t lose the sight of hopelessness. It is a musical which has been made beautifully ignoring the dissolution of present-day relationships. What else would you want? Cooper is shown as Jackson Maine, a drug addict and alcoholic rock singer who has a voice of God and an ailment which he fears will be taken away from him. Each night, he drowns himself in booze and during a drunken escapade, he finds it too difficult to even keep his feet attached to the ground. While lights keep squinting on his eyes, he manages to find Lad Gaga in the crowd. She is a drag and she belts out the erotic and stunning renditions of La Vie En Rose of Edith Piaff. She is dressed in drags, has taped eyebrows and painted hair making him feel familiar. According to her appearance, she is already a star. The singer and the pop star, who is known as Lady Gaga. As he takes his eyebrows off her, she answers too many questions where we will be shown a new version of her. She is a woman who lost her confidence after hearing comments over her looks for years and years.

She then meets a man who gives her the first impression saying that her nose is beautiful. He goes on saying that she is beautiful and has a voice of an angel marveling her ability to write songs instantly and turn them into songs that she loves. Through this, she can make heads turn and make people love her. However, she falls in love with this man over the night and doesn’t want to let it go for all those things that this man will throw at her in the coming years. Ally, as a pure human being, doesn’t have much to offer him except her love. She is talented and dreams to be a star but all of these things are like a backseat to him. He is her dream and nothing else comes close to it. The first half of the story has some really touchy gorgeous songs where they sit and sing together by creating music together. He takes her to tours with him and the audience starts falling in love with her and that makes her have her own success rather than being a treat that he has chosen to give to his fans, every now and then.

As a result, he starts getting resentful and jealous knowing that the star is born. However, he doesn’t let her know it. He lets all the resentment he has a pile in the heart and in order to drown it, he takes drugs and alcohol with him which take up there in. He messes up almost all the times and decides to make it by doing something stupid or excessive. As she is in love, she keeps forgiving even when he fails her again and again and again. Their bad romance starts getting rust to the point where they can’t beat it anymore. Lady Gaga might be the star here, but it is Bradley Cooper’s film. He excels as the struggling musician and the way he struggles with his inner demons will make you tear up especially when he can’t his find way out of it.

His relation with Ally stats dropping and like her, we believe that it is real. We let it happen just like her being in love with him but that is when we know the truth. In a scene, we see Ally mentioning that she knows that the sober version of him is not in love with her and the heartache develops from that moment. It is so hard that you can’t digest the fact and it is perhaps the most tragic scene in the film, but that doesn’t end there. Both Gaga and Cooper manage to pierce your soul with grief with their performances. Both of them are impressive in this film full of musical moments. Shallow is the song that keeps ringing in your ears since the first time you hear it and watching it entwine in the story will melt your heart.

Ally lets the Lady Gaga of her shine through songs which were deemed to be vulgar, by Jack. However, she refuses to be shown as something which she is not and lesser than the rock that he actually sings. Lady Gaga is made through this and thankfully, even Cooper knew that this is the only exception where Ally fights with him about. Cooper decides to give time to the scenes and the songs which take us to the confusion through the passage of time. The story seems to happen over das which is why the events like wedding and his descent to depression seem rushed. The film seems to miss a few chunks but the scenes that the final cut had were nothing but perfection.

A Star is born is a movie which explores the thick layers of being hopelessly in love with someone who can’t accept the intensity of that love. So, do you put yourself first or do you continue loving him? While the rational ones among us opt for the latter, this one is for the former ones. It is for people like Ally, who know that there is nothing above the love that you have for a broken person.

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