Top 10 Political Movies Streaming on Netflix – Fascist, Communist and Immigrant Based

Top 10 Political Movies Streaming on Netflix – Fascist, Communist and Immigrant Based
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Movies about the politics or the political movies are two inseparable things that come up in the time of the political dramatization. General elections of the world are nothing but performance trials, which have become rituals later on. So, it is only natural for the audience to blur this line between political films and the movies that have bordering politics. It is interesting to see just how many movies are actually made under the name of political movies especially to create awareness among the movies.

Contrary to all the turbulent movies about the political bias that are made in the 70s, the list contains movies which have assimilated the urgent political situations and the narratives that are just converted into. The today politics of the movies also assimilate the rhetoric, the reality and also the melodrama that we usually find among these political narratives as well. With both the political activists and cinema makers searching for many new forms, I’m sure that the political movie lovers will be getting more gripping films in the future. Streaming platforms like Netflix has a repository of countless political movies and here’s a list of good political films that you can stream on it.

List of top 10 Political Movies of Netflix:

#1 Tears of the Sun (2003):

Tears of the Sun is one of the most interesting films that I have watched as a film buff because of the theme. The film unfolds with the Nigerian backdrop where we see the civil war happening with a wide range of people involved in it. The film shows that the democratic Nigerian government has been pulled down by coup d’etat, which has been orchestrated by a rude dictator with the support of military forces. We slowly observe the country slipping into an endless chaos while the civil war just bursts out and claims many innocent lives. Amidst this hard scenario, we see a hardened veteran who is assigned in order to airlift the physician with the tag ‘Doctors without any Borders’.  Bruce Wills plays the Navy Lieutenant along his team who is put at a extremely controversial situation where they have to pick between their humanity and their commitment in fulfilling the duty as a chief. Following all the orders also mean turning a rather blind eye towards the brutal forces with the violence surrounding them endlessly. The internal conflict keeps intervening in the foreign soil as they meet and protect the refugees.

#2 A Clockwork Orange (1971):

It is foolish of me to imagine a list of any genre without Stanley Kubrick’s Film. The genius has embraced our generation by making some excellent movies and ‘A Clockwork Orange’ is one of them. It is an enigmatic political film that takes us through an apocalyptic odyssey through the futuristic society. Alex DeLarge is shown as the leader of the band, ‘Droogs’ who are known for celebrating sadistic masochism, ultra violence, sexual torture on all of its victims. This group finds ecstasy as they create pain to others and take pleasure in the suffering of others. The key force that drives their acts are the excessive amounts of drugs that lead the bands into horrible acts. Alex is the die hard fan of Beethoven, especially Ludwin Van Beethoven and the way he plays the music.

He follows the routine of playing it during the attacks to intensify the orgasms that they would get out of violence. Being the alpha human in the group, there is not a moment in the film where his leader ship gets questioned by others. However, when the group commits an assault on a relatively older woman, Alex gets caught by the authorities and gets subjected to a rehabilitation therapy which catapults his preferences, attitude. He then becomes a victim of his own band members later, ‘droogs’. Even if the story line is so indirect, Kubrick wants to display his view on the fascist groups and their power that has been extracted by exploiting the layers of the hierarchical society whose min agenda is to turn up as a ruling machine. This film is a masterpiece if you can understand it and has a lot of political significance.

#3 V for Vendetta (2006):

Ideally, if you’re a rational movie buff, this film will be one of your favorite films and also one of the films that you would keep watching again and again. Apart from the impelling story line that it has, this film is also amusing because of the hard writing it has. Each word in this film strikes like a rock at the mirror shattering all of our beliefs and perceptions. V for Vendetta is a shocking display of the Great Britain, as a pure fascist state. Evey Hammond, by Natalie Portman is a British woman who gets saved from a noose by a mysterious man. This man wears the mask of Guy Fawkes and calls himself as V. After spending some time with him, she becomes extremely curious about the whereabouts and wants to know more details about him revealing the image of Guerilla.

He fights against all the existing fascist elements of the country. Evey initially joins hands and tries to fight the fascism after being inspired by him. Both of them together go on hunting the people who are responsible for giving the power of Great Britain to the fascists. Written by The Wachowski Brothers, Directed by James McTeigue; the film is a unleash of their fury towards their undemocratic and institutionalized government while hinting the violent vigilantism when the democracy fails incredibly.

#4 Ginger & Rosa (2012):

Back in 1962, Ginger and Rosa are two teens that are full of adventure and vigor while exploring their lives to the maximum. The film starts off as a normal movie about two kids who casually bunk the classes, giggle about their crushes, murmur about the rumors, joke about boys, argue a lot about politics and the religion. Despite of having two distinct opinions about everything, they are inseparable even when they disagree. A common thing that they share is their hatred for their domestic, mundane and non-happening lives of their mothers.

Seeing them has vexed the girls to the point that they would decide to go beyond the boundaries and start exploring about the world while going through varied range of opportunities. It is only when the tensions about the international politics starts culminating in the crisis of Cuban Missile. Both of them take refuge while being connected with other people on physical and emotional levels as they travel through different places and meet different people. However, all of the journey would make them reach a point where they realize that their friendship can’t be anything like before.

#5 The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas (2008):

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is a tragic tales of war cruelties and crimes, committed in the World War 2 time. The film unveils the story of Bruno, an 8-year old boy in German whose family has just escaped the scenario of the Nazi Berlin only to settle in the European neighbourhood. The boy’s family has his mother, his father, an SS Commander and an elder sister. After settling in Europe, his father finds the chief electrical worker at the concentration camp, especially settled for Jews. During this camp, Bruno becomes friends with Shmuel, a boy of his age especially during the secret expedition. Everyone in this camp wears striped pyjamas during the camp. As time grows, both of them establishes a deep bond but then Bruno’s family has to return to their home in Berlin.

As a farewell, Bruno decides to go on a dangerous mission inside this camp but the moment he enters into the camp, the fate that has been looming on the Jews entirely falls on Bruno. The Nazi father has to act as the conductor of the opera, while Shmuel and Bruno face their respective destinies written on the walls. Directed by Mark Kerman, this film is considered as one of the most beautiful human documentaries ever made on the war crimes.

#6 Milk (2008):

Milk is one of the intense biographical films ever made in the history of films, especially the ones of the 20st century. The movie depicts the struggle of the infamous Harvey Milk, the gay activist who started fighting the homophobia back in 70s. He spent most of his life trying to educate the people who are highly homophobic about how it is not a choice. Sean Penn excels in playing the role of Milk, as he delivers his career best performance of being the first gay official, elected openly by major number of people. He heralds all of the changes that are needed in the homosexual movement by demanding equal opportunities and rights for all the people, irrespective of their preferences. He drives a battle fighting against the violent and prejudiced part of the society. He uses the archived footage and flashbacks in the society. Directed by Gus Van Sant, the film covers the story from his 40th year till the death. The fragmented story draws the figure of Milk, as a political personality whose statements make various ripples in the society. After being defeated several times in the elections. Milk wins as the San Francisco supervisor, in 1977.

#7 Once Upon a Time in America (1984):

Once Upon a Time in America is a gangster epic film which is weaved as chronicles of the lives of the Jewish gangsters living in the New York City for around 40 years. The movie narrates the stories while moving back and forth in their lives. The non linear narrative is one of the interesting things about the film which also makes it less of a documentary. Leone keeps interacting with the flash forwards, the flashbacks as the movie centres around the life of David Noodles Aaronson, the small town hooligan played by Robert De Niro accompanied by Cockeye, Max and Patsy.

The movie then moves following the quartet of Noodles as he grows up in the Jewish neighbourhood of New York which is famous for the notorious crimes. He stays there as he progresses to 20s and then takes the journey to his prohibition years of early 30s and then to the late 60s, where we see a seasoned Noodles returning New York as a big stranger evoking all the bitter sweet memories that he has spent there. Even when the movie has received mixed reviews when it has been released, it has received a major cult status because of the raw screenplay that has shown the brutality of ruling machines and of course, the immigrants. Most of the today critics hail it as a masterpiece that has blown the American Dream of revealing the historical violence which has been buried under the wraps.

#8 The Immigrant (2013):

The Immigrant is a film that starts with the story of a polish immigrant, as it is set in 1921, New York. Ewa, the main lead of this film sets her foot to represent the thousands of the immigrant women who are tricked into the New York life in the name of hardships, unending misery during the American Dream. This film is intriguing because it is entirely based on the women and still doesn’t sound so melancholic. She gets torn away from her own sister as doctors quarantine during her arrival on the American land. Ewa then goes into a hell of the existence of the women who have low morals and receives the treatment that is granted for the poor immigrants.

As her life progresses in unavoidable misery, she tends to find a savior in Bruno, a hot-tempered man who takes care of the prostitutes living in the stable. Things turn extremely ugly when Emil, Bruno’s cousin falls in love with Ewa who is also known as Orlando, the famous magician. A broken yet violent triangle ensues between them and we see the movie turning into a hearbreaking tale of penniless immigrants flying from the Eastern Europe while crossing the Atlantic with optimism, dreaming exclusively about the Great America.

#9: The Interview (2014):

This film is a intervening tale of Dave Skylark, a journalist and Aaron Rapoport, his producer. Both of the characters are played by James Franco and also Seth Rogen making it a dream to have both of them in a single frame. The whole fame is set in Pyonyang, a state of North Korea as they tend to visit it for interviewing Kim Jong-un, the most mysterious dictator who has been ruling North Korea for a while. He also happens to be a great fan of Skylark Tonight, a well doing celebrity show. The CIA on the other hand have an entirely different plan for both of them, and are assigned with a great mission where both of them have to assassinate Kim Jong-un.

Unlike all other movies on the list, this movie is definitely an acidic take on the dictator image that we have. Before even the Netflix documentary has come, it managed to shred the channel into pieces only to show us the image of dictator who challenges the United States while putting them in danger. Dave and Aaron arrive in the North Korea and comes to know that Kim Jong-un is indeed a grownup child who knows nothing. The plan of their association goes awry and they land up in a grave danger. The Interview creates an absurd model of the politics in which all of them including the CIA and the mighty king, acts like rather grownup kids. The movie hints at failure of the conflicts, the war cries, the weapon reserves and the assassination plots living in the frustrating world.

#10 Incendies (2010):

Incendies is a well written drama written by Denis Villeneuve. If you’re a fan of his films, this is one of the most interesting films that you don’t want to miss. The film starts from a mother declaring her unnatural wishes for her own daughter and son, who are twins. These wishes take these people on a journey from Canada to the Middle East. According to the will of their mother, the twins are supposed to deliver two envelopes to the father and the brother, whose existence they are unaware of.

While the son goes on neglecting her craziest wishes, the daughter who is emotionally resonant decides to take them in the heart as they are set on the journey to find the unknown brother and the father. However, the quest takes her back through the history which is of major turmoil, untold secrets and lot of uncertain events. People in this journey are extremely reluctant to open up about their brother. Eventually, with the help of the brother, she tries to solve the puzzle by her mother. Denis Villenueuve beautifully weaves the politically history and blends it with the personal life of the characters in this film.

That being said, this is a list of most interesting and intriguing films in the world and if you’re someone who is a fan of shows like House of the Cards, plan a marathon and go watch all of them. We assure you the most fun that you can get.

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