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Top 9 Doctor Movies that will make you love Medicine Field!

Top 9 Doctor Movies that will make you love Medicine Field!
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People have a misconception that only doctors/medical experts can watch the movies that are based on the medical fields/medical industries. One doesn’t have to be a doctor in order to fall in love with these thrilling and intriguing medical movies. The reason TV series like Grey’s Anatomy have gotten a huge fan following is because most of them are based on the real life events. People love to watch these medical movies because they provide a glimpse/sneak peak into the actual profession which swings between life/death. Medical field is highly linked with unusual situations that involve a routine i.e labs, tests, physical checkups etc. The top most streaming platform on the internet, Netflix has gotten itself a wide collection of such movies that pop up in search results with the tags, doctor, medical, physiology, psychology, research, owing to the demand. That being said, here is a big list of good Netflix Doctor Movies that you can watch now!

List of Top 9 Doctor Movies:

#1 Phobia 2 (2009):

An anthology movie among the medical movies is a rare thing to happen. This film has a total of five different movies altogether and each segment is directed five different people. It has many horror elements blended with the medical field. The first segment titled as ‘Novice’ has a boy who flees from the law after committing a crime. He takes refuge and on taking a certain kind of medication, he starts getting guilty with his conscience torturing him making him frightened and extremely terrified. The second segment of the film is ‘Ward’ which unveils in the hospital premises. A young man who resides in the ward could not sleep and eventually, the night turns into a nightmare where he realizes that there’s a scary old man sitting next to him. He started getting visions of the old man and as the night grows, the visions turn into reality. The third segment titled as ‘Backpackers’ is like horror chronicles where two hitchhikers and two men open the back of the trunk. ‘Salvage’, the fourth segment is about a car dealer who is scared when he knows about the horrible incidents of the previous car passengers and owners. The last segment titled as ‘In the End’ has an actress who experiences the deaths of the cast & crew while shooting in the location. When these dead bodies are taken to the hospital, they discover a scary thing related to the ghost that the actress is playing in the movie.

#2 Notes on Blindness (2016):

John Hull, a theologist and a writer is shown meeting the worst tragedy of his life just when his first baby is being born. On a fine day, he wakes up and finds himself to be blind. Notes on Blindness is a sharp display of how life is without having any life and how he is continuing his life as a blind man. The movie will take you to a new directive where John starts noticing the world through the ability of his other senses. He creates a diary through audio cassettes as it becomes a comprehensive document of how the blind man looks at the world. The movie is based on the actual recordings of the man and is therefore considered as an astonishing work about the internal world of a blind man including his dreams, thoughts and memories as the blindness exists as a state of mind.

#3 Paddleton (2019):

Ray Romano takes us on emotive tour along with Mark Duplass as your heart breaks every now and then because of the intensity it contains. Paddleton is a Netflix original movie and follows the lives of the neighbors, played by Romano and Duplass. The couple is considered as a major misfit by the people in the town while they find a friend in each other. The society however keeps major distance from them. This is when they see their mundane life catapulting them and one of the friends suffers from the terminal cancer. In order to get over this plight, they have to strongly be happy celebrating their friendship. This is when the movie turns into an incredible journey while displaying a bond between two men. The movie gives you a reassurance as it shows the importance of empathy and healing and how they can ease the suffering caused by the terminal diseases.

#4 On Body and Soul (2017):

‘On Body and Soul’ movie is a poetic portrayal of an enigmatic story and is set in the Budapest backdrop. Everything about this film is extremely depressing. Endre, an old introvert meets the new shy recruit of the office, named Maria where both of them embarks on a psychological journey. The pair in this movie shows the spiritual thread that connects all the bizarre dreams as both of them try to decode their visions. This journey also starts a usual affair between them wrapped up in secret emotions and secrets while hiding it from all the other empires. The visions that they experience make Maria and Endre two isles as they get connected through the dreams. Together, they create a magic right in the daylight which means they end up creating a mess in the organization. The thing that follows is a sheer catharsis of two people with their soul and the body.

#5 Take Your Pills (2018):

Take your Pills is a documentary that intrigues you through the American reveal as it gets invaded by various drugs like Ritalin and Adderall. This movie has the names present everywhere say in playgrounds, schools, streets, offices, markets and also metros. The pressure that is required to push a person through their own capabilities and boundaries is how you attract people towards the names. Take your Pills is an acclaimed documentary made by Alison Klayman, who is also known for the infamous Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry. The director doesn’t leave any leaf unturned as he explores the pervasiveness of the stimulants that enhance cognition in people. In the movie, Ritalin and Adderall turn into iconic drugs checking the phenomenon from various sides. Without the hope of being judgemental, the documentary creates a picture of these futuristic drugs and how it defines the future.

#6 The Diving Bell and The Butterfly (2007):

The Diving Bell And The Butterfly, as lengthy as the title is a brilliant take on the locked-in syndrome that exists in the people. Julian Schnabel directs this amazing movie while it creates a traumatic experience to people who are viewing it. The story revolves around Jean Dominique Bauby, who works as the energetic editor for the Ell Magazine wakes up one fine day and realizes that he is actually appointed at the hospital building, Berck-sur-Mer. He also learns that he has been in comatose for many weeks after suffering from a huge stroke. Even though his body is paralyzed, he can still listen and see the external world. However, it’s his fortune or misfortune, the only part that functions in his body is the left eye. His unending tragedy manages to create a bigger avalanche in the hospital as his relatives and friends keep popping up one after another. All the happenings in the hospital facilitate a situation where people come together in his life including Ines, his lover; Celine Desmoulins, the mother of the children and also his own father. During the physical and speech therapy, he also manages to establish warm relationships with the therapists Marie and Henriette respectively where they talk to him about their lives. Henriette tries to communicate with him while training him to use the blinking system in order to express his consent. Bauby on the other hand asks him to use the left eye language so that he can open his own internal world. The movie towards the end concludes a memoir that has been written using the blinking eye while leaving us to ponder over the trauma that he encounters while getting trapped in a solid body through the imaginative people and the landscapes.

#7 The Theory of Everything (2014):

What movie talks about medicine and its effects other than the one that shows the life of Stephen Hawking? The Theory of Everything gives you an intimate picture of one of the famous physicists, Stephen Hawking who is well known for many discoveries. The movie starts when he is a student and follows his life as a student while he falls in love with Jane Wilde, an art student. Set in 1960s in Cambridge, ‘The Theory of Everything’ documents all the tragedies of Hawking’s life as he is given just two years to live after the fatal attack that has happened at 21. Being a good student of Cosmology, it is the end for him but we can only see Hawking bouncing back into the life through tubes, medicines and machines. His story is how an extraordinary mind has decided to live despite the powerful illness with the help of his soul mate as it takes you through the light. Over their relationship, their bond gets tested and they get separated as well to face their own wounds. The movie shows Hawking, an unstoppable person who is known as the Einstein successor while proving him to be a caring father and a good husband.

#8 The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016):

This movie has been interesting because of the screenplay it contains.  It is a tale of horror that unleashes in a small town. The coroner and the son get assigned to examine the female corpse which is unidentified in order to find its identity. The examiners could not find a valid reason for the woman’s death, and because they can’t recognize her name, they name the body as Jane Doe. There is something that is hidden in the corpse which tempts them to explore more and more. It is because of the medical curiosity in them, they are prompted to meet the evil straight in the face while unveiling the secrets of the corpse. As the movie progresses, we can see many clues being dropped about the crime as they conclude that it’s a murder. All of the clues together lead them to the murder and the reason why she has been killed. What keeps you hooked is how the corpse itself keeps revealing all the secrets as if they are finding the keys to the Pandora Box without realizing the presence of evil in it.

#9 Dallas Buyers Club (2013):

Dallas Buyers Club can be considered as a milestone in the doctor movie list as it takes us through the violent episode of a person when he gets treated for HIV. Matthew McConaughey has excelled in his performance as Ron Woodroof, back in Texas. Initially, he is shown as a junkie boy who later knows that he has gotten affected by HIV after spending a life full of alcohol, drugs and sex. Unfortunately, he gets diagnosed with HIV positive and is given only 30 days to start the count down for life. Being faced by death, he tries to find the new purpose of life by taking things in hands with nation debating on the policy making involved in HIV battles. The society that he is living in is stigmatized with HIV and when his friends realize it, he gets ostracized by them. Ron sees that the government medicines `that are being approved for the HIV students are only around 1% of the actual need. In order to improve this condition, he forms an outcast army who shares the same disease as him in order to collect alternate medicines through the world by both legal and illegal ways. Within a shorter span, this network of medical support grows and becomes a ‘Buyers’ Club’ that can serve thousands of HIV patients.

That being said, here’s a list of top 9 Doctor Movies that you saw while totally being in love with the field of medicine and how it can alter the lives of people once they are subjected to it. These movies can be enlisted in various genres because of the topics that they deal with, but all of them are extremely interesting and engaging.


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