Best 17 Drama Series Streaming on Netflix You Shouldn’t Miss!

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Drama is one of the most intriguing things of life. Once you have seen a tale with the beautifully weaved drama, you will spend hours talking about it, with your friends, your family and everyone around you. Initially you will talk about the plot line, the lead character of the film, the antagonist, the controversy and then end up talking about the themes, the motifs, the deeper context and also why anyone has decided to make this film.

An important thing that I like about dramas is that all of them are so interlinked. Sure, there are shown as larger than life plots and sometimes they seem like the exaggerated versions of our boring lives but they do put us in a situation where we wonder if these kinds of situations have the possibility to exist in our lives. Good dramas have the ability to make us contemplate our own life problems and timely, we get thinking about the analogies that they are posing on the larger context. Being a fan of drama series, I have loved all the metaphors the chronic characters use in order to get in and get out of their respective boxes. While it takes a lot of time to actually understand some of them, they always make me feel that it is worth to invest both time and effort in such scenes.

Dramas have a huge impact on people not just because they are emotional, but because they have huge psychological and physiological shades in them. They can make you cry with the intense emotions, make your heart beat with double folded speed with the cliffhangers and make your breathe fluctuate with the scary yet intensified scenes. Dramas have the ability to flare up the emotions and stimulate our inner parts while displaying our reality before us. Whenever you have watched a good drama film, you will be left with a different perspective in life.

After started watching the drama series, I have been left with days where I could not wait to get back home only to watch new episodes because if there is not much drama in your life, why can’t there be some drama in your life. These series give you a stimulation that nothing in life can ever. However, attracting yourself to a lot of drama is not safe either because it can reflect in some serious consequences on us and also the people around. The better option is to opt for something which has both drama and which is also entertaining on all terms.

After reading this, we are sure that there will be a question that is popping up in your brain; why not watch Drama movies? Well, Drama movies are indeed great but they will just end in a running time of 2 hours or more. We will be left with a dissatisfaction that they got over soon which is why we shall go with audio visuals that are continuous, long term and are engaging. This is where Drama Series take the crown! There are just too many Drama Series in life that will make you get out of your own life and get into someone’s else life while creating a space where you can forget all of your problems.

I have watched a couple of shows from this list and days after, I still could not come out of the trans as I have started to think of the world in a new paradigm by wearing new eyes. This is when I have decided to write a new list of Drama Series that are available on the Netflix so that you can watch some of them when you’re tired of living the monotonous life!!

List of Best 17 Drama Series Streaming on Netflix:

#1 Sense 8 (2015 – 2018):

As the name says, this story is a tale of 8 strangers altogether including Sun, Lito, Will, Cepheus, Riley, Kala, Wolfgang and Nomi. All of them are shown living in different areas of the world but over the period they realize that each of them is  connected to other both psychologically and emotionally. While this seems extremely mysterious, they try to find out the reason behind this connection through face-face conversations using the today’s technology of internet. This is when they tend to know that al of them are being haunted by a group that wants to kill them because their existence can cause a major change in the evolution of the human beings, while creating an extremely interesting story line.

#2 Ozark (2017 – Present):

First sound of the series, it gives you a sharp sense about it. Ozark is a crime series that revolves around the lives of an extremely ordinary family which is trying to live an ordinary life. Wendy and Marty are two normal parents who have teenage kids that make life just the right. Marty being an accountant deals with the money laundering of a drug cartel, which has established itself to be the second largest. When things go wrong with the cartel, Marty becomes incapable of handling them and therefore decides to move out of Chicago to lead a peaceful life in Ozark, Missouri. But this is when we see things wrack at the most unexpected moments. Ozark is an interesting watch for people who are looking for certain kind of thrill in it.

#3 Stranger Things (2016 – Present):

Stranger Things is probably the second biggest show that you can hear of today’s world, after Game of Thrones. Looking into the plot of the film, you can see a resemblance of it to ‘Elfen Lied’ the anime that has become quite popular in Japan. If you have already watched Stranger Things, you can as well give a try at this anime as well because you will definitely like it. Stranger Things is set in a small town and contains a bunch of kids who make the show extremely appealing. Any thing that happens in the town spreads like fire because everyone knows everyone else in it. However, an experiment that is happening in the corner sets off a chain of events leading to the disappearance of a kid and the appearance of another girl kid. As each episode passes, we will be set on a journey discovering powers with her being the hope to save the world from the invading dark forces. Stranger Things is timeless, because it is engaging irrespective of the genre you like, the age you belong to and the region you live in.

#4 Black Mirror (2011 – Present):

One of the cult anthology series that I have watched, Black Mirror is a show that is highly futuristic. Some part of me even thinks that it is a series that out generation doesn’t deserve because of the highly enthusiastic and engaging yet dark elements it contains. The entire series revolves around the dark side of the technology and how not using it properly or using it exclusively can create negative impact on the future. A brilliant thing about the series is that each of it has a different plot and therefore, you don’t have to sit and start it from the beginning. You can simply open any one episode and start watching it and it will sure create an impounding effect on you. It will also prompt you to watch other episodes of the show as well. Some episodes have had a history of making me extremely uncomfortable, created distress in me and therefore it is important to understand to what extent you can take this series. If you have a trouble in deciding it off, you can browse through the episode rankings list as well.

#5 13 Reasons Why (2017 – Present):

13 Reasons Why is a teen drama which has stood out to be very controversial because of the deep message it has tried to send out about depression and bullying. Certain set of people have felt positive about it while a lot of people ended up being depressed after watching this show. This show is a tale of a young girl who dies, Hannah Baker and who decides to mentally haunt people who are responsible for her death. Before dying, Hannah decides to record 14 tapes where she recites events about 14 different people who have prompted her to commit suicide. All of these people are blamed for her death as she talks to them directly explaining why they have ruined her through the tapes. Clay, who was Hannah’s lover and someone who has loved Hannah also gets one of the tapes even he is not at mistake. After listening to the tapes, he gets extremely disturbed and undergoes a major transformation while discovering the realities of the people in the school. The first season is extremely amazing as it takes you through the personalities of people making you think just how twisted and evil humans can be. The second season starts off in a very slow tone but the last episodes make up for the slow screenplay it contains. This show contains very contradictory things but has an entertaining aspect about it. The third season is in line and we are expecting that it has something great to offer as well!

#6 Hap and Leonard (2016 – 2018):

As the title says, this is a story of two men Hap and Leonard. Hap Collins is a white man in East Texas while Leonard Pine is a war veteran who is also black and Gay. Both of them has a history of ending up in the wrong places especially crimes without having any intentions of going through them before. Hap and Leonard is an interesting dark comedy and has only 6 episodes in each season which is why it is a perfect binge watch. Each season has its own story with the own crime just like the novel series it is adapted from. The show is full of dark humour with gore violence and serious sequences but the build up of the two characters and their apt dialogue delivery are why it has turned into a gem that you should not miss!

#7 Gypsy (2017):

Gypsy is a series that revolves around Naomi Watts, the Academy award nominee. She plays the role of a renowned therapist based at New York with an almost perfect life which seems too perfect to even exist. Just when we think that everything is so accurate, things take a drastic turn with her getting into intimate and illegal relationships with her patients. Her sense of reality fades when she commits the passionate crimes with the patients against the confidentiality. While Noami Watts gives her everything to impress us through the role, it is a show only recommended for people who can watch slow dramas but man, does it have a catchy thrill.

#8 Dark (2017 – Present):

If you consider Stranger Things to be a show of kids and not dark for you, then you can hop onto this German show which reveals the lives of people living in a small town. It has the plot of similar lines where two children get disappeared while having a link with four families. All of these families are interlinked one way or the other and the plot sets on to unravel the mysterious incidents. But during the journey, they tend to discover a darker secret that almost disturbs all of their lives. It is a secret that has been lurking in the town and if you watch it alone with the headphones and with the dim setting in a rainy afternoon, there will be no greater cinematic experience than his.

#9 Better Call Saul (2015 – Present):

For people who have already watched Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul will be interesting. As they are already familiar with the character of Saul, the lawyer played by Jimmy McGill, you can get involved into this show without much effort. This show is a prequel to the ‘Breaking Bad’ and it tells the story of Jimmy with his way of going from a small scale lawyer to the badass lawyer who joins his forces with the legendary Walter White. While this show might not seem as rich in quality as Breaking Bad, but it does manage the legacy of the previous by giving a unique and compelling perception that you have not seen before.

#10 Breaking Bad (2008 – 2013):

There’s no show like Breaking Bad in the world and for some of the fans, it has surpassed Game of Thrones even after being in a completely opposite genre. The show has Aaron Paul playing Jesse Pinkman and of course Bryan Cranston, playing the Walter White. Both of them together succeed in setting Breaking Bad as one of the most ongoing shows. The plot starts with Walter White, the Chemistry professor being diagnosed with Stage III cancer. He will be told that he only has a couple of years to live. In order to make her family happier, he decides to sell drugs in the world for the secured future before he dies. It is then he comes across Jessie, his former student who is known around in the drug world. Both of them go on a journey of manufacturing drugs with transformations, ups and lows, success, failures and breakups in this dirty business.

#11 Sex Education (2019 – Present):

Sex is a word that everyone in this world can easily relate to. So, even if you are a teen, an adult or an old person; this show will make you engaged because of the aspects it contains. Going by the title, you shall not think that this show is entirely about sex. It is not. This show is about making right kind of choices in order to lead a respectful day-day life in this judgmental world irrespective of the person you are. The main character of the show is Otis, an awkward teenager who has a sex therapist as a mother. He realizes that he also possesses the ability of comforting people who are sexually problematic. He starts counselling students of the school from their sexual problems and soon becomes extremely popular as a therapist who can help teenagers. Every episode of the show will have new teenagers who have new sex problems. This show is funny and has a wide range of drama that can make you binge watch.

#12 The Haunting of Hill House (2018 – Present):

Before watching this show, the question why there is not horror TV show used to haunt my mind. I honestly believe that it takes a lot for someone to pull off a good horror show as people might get bored with the repetitions, patterns and similarities when it’s a horror show. Therefore, making a good horror show is not a piece of cake but this show is one good series that you don’t want to miss. While it only has one season, it has gained a huge range of popularity among the horror genre fans. It is not a typical story with a home where the family gets haunted by the ghosts that are already infested in there. The show is about the past memories of the family members who stayed in a house which itself is sick. The home starts messing up with their heads and lurks back in their deeper fears while bringing the past ghosts into their present lives. If you’re one of those people who love watching horror, do not miss this show!

#13 Mindhunter (2017 – Present):

A David Fincher Show (even not directed by him), this is one of the introspecting and intellectual shows that I have seen in this era. The series is set in 1979, when Bill Tench and Holden Ford start interviewing a wide range of serial killers in order to make a database. Their intention was to build a pattern to understand how the brains of these killers work and also to observe their behaviors which has prompted them to be serial killers. With the help of this specific database, they want to identify the potential serial killers in the future so that it would become easy for the police forces to apprehend the criminals. The plot of the show is interesting and it will leave you with psychological mess after each episode. The show is also constructed well but it becomes slow every now and then.

#14 House of Cards (2013 – 2018):

House of Cards is a show that is formed by adapting the BBC series which has had the same name. Both of the shows are written based on the novel, House of Cards by Michael Dobbs. It tells the story of Frank Underwood, a corrupt politician who wants nothing but power. He gets accompanied by his wife, Claire Underwood who has the same intentions of conquering everything under the sun in order to gain power. This show starts off in a brilliant way and before you realize you will get attracted to it. You won’t even think for a second to not watch it because of the amazing writing filled with satire it has. All the seasons are phenomenal as it has Kevin Spacey but the sixth season gets a little bored, after Netflix has fired him for the homosexual misconduct.

#15 You (2018 – Present):

You has started last year and it has already gained prominence among the crowd. We all know that people who are obsessed, broken and sad write the best stories that are there. Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg is shown as a bookstore manager who is extremely smart than the world that he’s living in. He then runs into an aspiring writer on whom he develops a crush because of the charishma she carries. At the first glance, he gets determined to make her fall for him. Joe uses the social media in order to find about her while stalking her hoping that these things will help him get her. Before he realizes, he becomes extremely obsessed with her who wishes to do anything in order to get her. Penn Badgley despite playing some unique roles had a underrated career but you can realize his amazing talent in this show.

#16 Halt and Catch Fire (2014 – 2017):

Halt and Catch Fire is set way back in 1980s where computing was still a thing. The series is about a technical uprise that has happened in the eyes of three people, a visionary, a prodigy and an engineer. The ideas of these three people tend to confront bigger people in the computing world at that time while opening unique doors for more opportunities that allow them to create their legacies. In this journey, they are prompted to deal with greed, egos and also how time changes when they are achieving their dreams. If you are technology lover looking for a drama series, this is the perfect watch for you as it has both technological aspects and as well as a lot of drama that is almost close to the existing reality.

#17 Narcos: Mexico (2018 – Present):

Narcos is one of the craziest shows that has been made till now. It is intended to be the 4th season of the original Narcos, but later has been turned off into a spin off. Till today, the show has only eleven episodes but all of them did extremely great. This crime drama has been gaining a lot of popularity proving that it has gained a good inception since the release. Just like Narcos, it also deals with all the drug wars existing in Mexico. The main point of making this show is to show how the Guadalajara Cartel came into existence while focusing on the special assignment of the DEA Agent. If you have watched the original, this might seem a bit week but it is engaging because of the characters and certainly a good watch for the crime drama watchers.

That being said, there is one more show that none of you would want to miss especially when it comes to the drama series. However, this show is extremely long and will make you want to think if its worth the watch. Personally, I would recommend watching it even with five long seasons because it has comedy spread in all of its scenes. Orange is the New Black‘ is tagged as the most entertaining show in the contemporary world as it revolves around the life of a woman, Piper Chapman who gets sentenced to 14 month prison because of her accidental involvement in smuggling. We also recommend watching ‘The Crown’ for the unique story line it has.


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