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9 Craziest Movie Theories that ever existed making Classic Movies Better

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One of the most interesting things about the classic movies is that they are open to interpretations. These movies do not end on the concluding tone, thus leaving the perspective of the audience. The filmmakers of these movies place ambiguity in a thematic way that it can be used as a plot twist. A major example of such ambiguity can be seen in ‘Inception’ by Christopher Nolan where he leaves the ending to the audience. Several fan theories have come up about Inception that you can literally see them all across the Internet. These films not only have a depth but have an open space that is supposed to be filled by the thoughts of the users. When the fan theories, pop up things become extremely interesting with the audience exploring the infinite possibilities and theories while changing the way they appear. Therefore here’s a list of 9 Craziest Movie Theories that were in existence.

9 Craziest Movie Theories:

#1 Inception (2010) – Cobb’s totem is his Wedding Ring:

In the movie Inception, Cobb’s totem was shown as a spinning top. According to the totem theory, if it keeps spinning; it means Cobb is dreaming and if it is not, he is not. In the climax scene, Cobb is shown making a spin on the table and the movie is then cut. So, is he dreaming or is he not? The Internet is known to debate on it for years. This new fan theory, here says that Cobb’s totem is not the spinning top but his own wedding ring. Beyond the fact, we see that Cobb is shown having a ring in the dream world and without a ring, in the real world. It is also not present in the last scenes of the movie, showing that the ending is not a dream. When Juno the woman who is into married dude asks him about the totem, he is also shown clutching his hand. The top, on the other hand, might be his wife’s totem which is why he gives importance to it.

#2 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (2005) – Wonka’s candy are made out of Children:

We all have loved Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory right from the start. While the movie revolves around the mysterious chocolate factory, this new theory will screw your brain. Wonka’s candy is known to be made from children which is why he’s extremely protective about his secret recipe. In the remake of the movie, we see that the Children who entered the factory are alright towards the end, but the original movie doesn’t have this scene. Augustus along with Veruca are sucked down the chute and then are pipe into the chocolate river. Here, we should see how the pipes are not small but are huge enough to accommodate an actual human in them. Later in the movie, we all see Violet and Mike suffering from transformations into a human sex toy and a blueberry. While we accept all those things that are happening to these terrible kids, the entire design of the factory speaks for itself, with respect to this child sucking theory as it is built in order to transport humans. Wonka has also come up with a technology that shrinks the humans to an edible size so that people can eat them. Roald Dahl, the author of the book has written in the chapter that a 6th child falls into the blender with his father. When the mom blames Wonka for grinding them into a fine powder; Wonka says that it is the part of the recipe.

#3 The Dark Knight (2008) – Joker is a Winter Soldier like Bucky: 

The most iconic villains of the comic world, The Joker have been sketched in a way that his character has all the complex elements when compared with other supervillains even Thanos. His trauma and his emotional dissonance have turned him into a character that we can actually relate with. After the release of The Dark Knight, many theories came into existence especially after considering how Heath Ledger died/killed himself eventually. The character arc of Joker, however, is justified the most when he was a war veteran during the World War II in the middle east. He has been considered as a character who has watched the annihilation of civilization and has been fed with a Hydra-like formula which made him, the agent of chaos. This indeed is an interesting theory given how he describes himself as a dog chasing cars.

#4 Kill Bill (2004) – It is a movie within a movie:

If you haven’t already seen Pulp Fiction, it’s time that you did. Hidden in the fake religious quotes and the poop-watch is the precedent scenes at the restaurant that veils the movie. During the pilot scene, she says that the hit squad has five different women who are tagged as Fox Force Five. These five women are known to kill people as they tell bad jokes. While the plot sounds awesome and of Tarantino kind, it actually is the plot of Kill Bill. The Tarantino movies are known to be interconnected as if can be connected by the dots of the universe, and Kill Bill is a movie inside the universe. It is adapted from the pilot episode of Mia Wallace, and is produced by Marcellus; her husband. Let’s re-watch the pilot episode, shall we? Mia Wallace in this movie gives five different movies to Vincent Vega out of which Baton Rouge is the leader. The five different women in this movie are Black, Japanese, Brunette, French apart from the leader. All of them are mentioned to have special skills and a photographic memory as well. The five characters of this movie are The Bride, O-Ren Ishii, the Japanese Gangster (known for Kung Fu), Vernita Green (The demolition expert), Sofie Fatale (The French woman whose specialty is sex), Sofie Fatale and Elle Driver. However, some elements were actually retooled in Kill Bill. Raven is not a brunette, and they have added the character of a fat millet dude. Mia in Pulp Fiction tells us that Vincent was the deadliest woman of all five and is known for her knife skills.

#5 The Big Lebowski (1998) – The character Donny did not exist:

This cult comedy by Coen Brothers is replete as it contains some absurd and bizarre moments in the cinematic universe. Considering the massive fan base that the film has, there is a number of theories that popped up in the world regarding the plot and the characters. While all of the characters are linked with amusing theories that might make you put a finger on the nose, this Donny theory is less known and least expected. According to the fan base, Donny is a part of ghost theory which suggests that he is an image of Walter. His existence is not real and that he is only a ghost. Donny is said to be the longtime friend of Walter and therefore is a ghost, which can clearly be displayed in the funeral scene. This theory does make sense as Walter is the only character who talks to him, in the entire film.

#6 Birdman (2014) – The existence of Birdman is real:

Inarritu has managed to blend the line between the reality and hallucination in Birdman which is why we don’t actually know what is real and what is not. This is one of the popular theories of Birdman that is clear in the retrospect when we consider the movie. According to a not-so-popular fan theory, Birdman is said to be the real guy while Riggan Thomson is his alter ego. The closing shot of the film tells us that he managed to fly away from the expectations of the surroundings so that he can be his real self. According to the plot, Riggan is everything that Birdman wants to become or has desired to become from a long time. The acceptance and defeat of Birdman, while he is not able to fathom the expectations of the contemporary world with his behavior, has made him come out of his own reality. The two theories are equally precise and we don’t know which one is real and which one is not, just like in ‘Fight Club’.

#7 Pulp Fiction (1994) – The Briefcase has Marcellus:

Pulp Fiction is not just any movie, but an exciting plot. It has been an iconic pop cinema which has literally introduced us to the pop culture. Quentin Tarantino has given us a movie which is full of pop cultural elements including the witty dialogues, the soundtrack, the storyline full of tricks and especially, a nonlinear narrative. Together, this movie has the capacity of gripping entertainment as well as a voltage which is not getting any old. However, the briefcase is one of the most interesting elements that we can see in the movie. Ever since the movie is released, the consuming question about is, ‘What is there in the briefcase?’. An amusing yet creepy theory about the briefcase is that it contains Marcellus. This theory seems fair enough because of the references that are made in the film including the 666 rule, the Jules’ quotes and the desperation of Marcellus who is looking for redemption. As a result, it is only trusted that there is no man who is better than Jules to deliver his soul as he’s going through the same phase.

#8 Fight Club – This is a sequel of Calvin & Hobbes:

This popular tale of Tyler and Narrator is said to be the grown-up tale of Calvin & Hobbes in which Tyler is Hobbes. For people who have grown up in Mexico, Calvin & Hobbes contain adventures of a young child and a talking tiger, who is his best friend. This tiger, however, looks like a stuffed animal to others. Similarly, Fight Club has two characters who are imaginary friends that have a lot more in common just like Calvin & Hobbes. While the fact that they show up with bruises over the bodies tell us how Calvin fights with Hobbes. When his parents witness these bruises on Calvin’s body, it is obvious that they assumed Calvin punching himself. However, there is another theory in Calvin that his mind unable to cope with trauma is blocking the parental abuse. All the characters in both the audio-visuals are miserable. Calvin doesn’t have friends just like the narrator and therefore creates a character in order to make his life bearable. Both of the lead characters are whiny, yelling, impulsive and as well as extremely childish. Hobbes, on the other hand, is a collected and cool philosopher like Tyler Durden who wants to teach the Calvin about life. However, towards the end, it gets revealed that Tyler Durden is just a hallucination of the narrator just like Hobbes. The only difference between both is that the Fight Club is an R-rated movie with a lot of adultery in it.

#9 Taxi Driver (1976) – Travis Bickle is dead in the end:

An obvious pick for this amazing list, the image of Travis Bickle in blood-soaked costume will leave you to spell bound. The gesture in which he is shooting himself with a gun in the head flashes in front of cinephiles. Taxi Driver is an unforgettable experience for all the people who love watching thrillers. However, the ending of the movie where Travis Bickle is shown recovering from the injuries and getting back to work is not real. It is also shown that he is hailed as a hero both by the public as well as the press. However, most of the theories suggest that Bickle has actually succumbed to injuries in the brothel where he has killed people and the end scene is nothing but a dream of dying Travis. This theory brings a dark and disturbing tone to the whole movie without any failure. While this movie is one of the most iconic watches, this theory makes it more frightening than it already is, with this theory.

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