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7 Best shows like Altered Carbon

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If you have watched Altered Carbon, you already know what I am talking about. This cyberpunk show was a huge hit since it’s released in early 2018. I didn’t binge watched it the first time, being an impatient person, I need little for than convincing to make me continue anything. But the show grew on me slowly building the plot and finally I was totally stuck with the show. I was like, “What the hell was I doing?” I should have finished this show long back. It’s an awesome show, truly.

The show is based on the same name by Richard Morgan. The show has elements similar to Total Recall and even Blade Runner. The show is set 300 years in the future where anything is possible. If you are hella rich, you can live on and on, forever. It’s shown in the series how it is very easy to download a person’s memories and upload it into other synthetic bodies or other human being. The people in the series has terms for it too, memories are called ‘stack’ and the body it is uploaded to is called ‘sleeves’. So, now you can be anyone, anybody. But with technology comes the obstacles. Though very advanced, some basic human nature may still cause lots of problem. The plot goes on like this, a very rich immortal person hires Takeshi Kovacs, a freedom fighter who has been iced for 300 years, revives him to investigate his own murder. As he investigates further, he gets tangled with the gangsters, police, heck even his own sister has her sinister plan. Lots of advanced fighting gears, artificial intelligence, the lifestyle of the rich and the poor, Altered Carbon is a feast for the hard core sci-fi fam. Now that Altered Carbon has come and gone, you must be pondering what other shows are similar to Altered Carbon, well look no further. Here are some shows that you must watch after Altered Carbon.

7 Shows You Must Watch after Altered Carbon

#1. The Expanse (2015- )

No. of Original seasons: 3

No. of seasons available in Netflix: 2

Language: English

Creators: Mark Fergus, Hawk Ostby

Number one recommended by the Altered Carbon fans. The closest to Altered Carbon series is the undeniable, The Expanse. To be honest just like Altered Carbon, The Expanse took me time to complete the series. I was just like Altered Carbon, spaced out this show and almost forgot about it because seriously there are so many characters in the series that it gets hard to keep track of it. Finally I had an eye opening during Episode 8 of the first season which made me impossible not to finished this series. I binge watched it and hands down it is one of the greatest sci-fi series of all time. I’m anxiously waiting for season 3, don’t know if it will ever be available on Netflix, but fingers crossed.

This series too just like Altered Carbon is based on a series of sci-fi books by James A. S Corey. The series takes place in the future, 200 hundred years where the solar system is fully colonized. Mars is colonized and is independent of Earth, which results in frequent accusations thrown at each other, to the point where war is inevitable. The series has a stunning plot, which takes time to build. The series follows certain people on Earth, Mars, asteroid belts, spacecrafts, space stations which become somehow connected after a young OPA woman goes missing. A police detective born on Ceres in the asteroid belt, is assigned to find a missing young woman, Julie Mao. When an ice hauler receives a distress call and goes to investigate they are ambushed by the high tech, stealth military spacecraft.

This tragedy leads to tension between Earth, Mars and the Belt. Both Earth and March accuses each other again. On Earth, Chrisjen Avasarala, a powerful United Nations executive, is working on preventing war between Earth and Mars by any means necessary. Soon, as they go further into the deep space investigation, they are stunned to discover the greatest conspiracy in the human history which threatens the entire solar system. Since the beginning, this alien entity has created havoc in numerous stations whose true intentions are revealed in the later part of the season and is somehow connected to the missing girl.

This show is visually stunning like Altered Carbon, set on a well built futuristic world. Both the shows have dystopian feels, differences in the rich and the poor. The only difference in both the show is that the Altered Carbon deals with consciousness and a murder mystery whereas The Expanse deals with an otherworldly mystery that shakes the entire solar system. Both shows are action packed but The Expanse takes on a whole new level with the series, entirely shooting spacecrafts in the Space. Both the shows are highly acclaimed by the critics and will keep you wanting for more.

There are originally three seasons of the Expanse, but unfortunately only two seasons are available on Netflix.

I highly request you to watch this series, as it will be removed by Netflix on 30/09/18. (Tears rolling down my face). Honestly go watch it, I am pleading you guys.

#2. The 100’ (2014-)

No. of seasons: 5

No. of episodes: 71

Language: English

Creator: Jason Rothenberg

With an impressive five seasons and a sixth season under production, the 100 originally premiered in The CW but all the five seasons are available on Netflix. Isn’t that great? The 100, is set in the future where earth has been annihilated by a nuclear apocalypse or believed to be 97 years ago. The survivors made their new home in the space orbiting the Earth by connecting the small spacecraft and stations. Their new home the Ark, after 97 years has become almost inhabitable due to the failing of life support systems. Running out of ideas on how to keep humanity alive, they send a group of adolescent prisoners (the original 100) to Earth to determine whether after all these years has Earth become habitable again?

The group landing on Earth finds it habitable with fresh air and water but they see signs of mutated flora and fauna. On their first hunt to gather food they are ambushed by what they later called ‘The Grounders’ who are brutal and skilled hunters. They subsequently realized there are various groups who has colonized different areas and has their own strict societal rules following the nuclear apocalypse. What follows is a battle of the surface to remain alive and also contacting with the Ark to give them the news of new habitable Earth.

In each new season different characters are seen with a whole new level of craziness and missions to keep the humanity alive. The season 5 finally bid Earth goodbye as it has become uninhabitable due to extreme radiation and shows the characters riding off to a new Planet.

Season 6 will be premiered in 2019 and fans are very much high in anticipation to learn more about the new Planet.

Though Altered Carbon is dystopian sci-if and doesn’t share the same ideas as 100, where 100 is not dystopian but pure sci-fi that deals with human nature and the evolution of society post apocalypse.

It doesn’t have the flying cars or the advanced technology but dwells more on the survival of humanity. If you love post apocalyptic sci-fi then this series is just for you.

#3. Dark (2017- )

No. of seasons: 1

No. of episodes: 10

Language: German

Creators: Baran bo Odar, Jantje Friese

Dark, is a German science fiction thriller web series created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese. It is the first German-language Netflix original series. Consider this series to be the modern German equivalent to Stranger Things. Both shares the same theme, sudden disappearance of people in a little town that changes everyone’s lives in the town. Sinister plans and startling secrets are revealed in both the series. Dark, deals with the sudden disappearance of two young children in the fictional town of Germany, Winden. Past disappearance with a definite time line sheds light to dark past that connects four families whether they are aware of it or not. The series is set in 2019, but jumps between 2019, 1986 and 1956, something is common in these years as the events happen exactly in a interval of 33 years, where people have gone missing in these years and no body a clue about it. But a mysterious cave that is forbidden, evokes the presence of a worm hole that enables people to travel back in time, 33 years to be exact. Relationships are put to test in the light of new information about the disappearances, connections between the missing children and the history of the town and it’s citizens are revealed. The puzzling series will shed more light to what happened in their second series which is under production.

It has stark difference with Altered Carbon, where mostly high dose of action is shown. Dark is generally basic, cold and harsh where the creepiness lurks underneath the safe fictional town. Both the series has a very complex plot which make them a little bit similar. I legit didn’t get the series till the end and has to google a few times to understand everything.

If you love time traveling and the risks of it, this twisted mind bending series will be your favorite series.

#4. Stranger Things (2016- )

No. of seasons: 2

No. of episodes: 17

Language: English

Creators: The Duffer Brothers

Stranger Things became the best sci-fi mystery series all over the world within it’s release in a few days. This critically acclaimed and award winning series is the go-to sci-fi series. This series is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, in the 1980s, all the 80s vibes are seen. You can actually match your now trending clothings with them. So cheesy right?

Well, there are two seasons to this series and both are gripping from the very first episode. In the first season, a massive search for the sudden disappearance of a young boy, Will takes place, who vanishes into thin air while returning to his home. The very same moment, a mysterious strange young girl appears in the town, who has telekinetic powers and is on the run from the ‘bad men’. The series also shows some illegal science stuffs, scientists who are conducting experiments on young kids who have gone missing long time ago and they are the so called ‘bad men’ the little girl is hiding from. The girl is connected to all these occurrences as she might the one why Will has disappeared. She finds refuge in one of Will’s friend house and she help them in the search for their missing friend. Together with the chief police, and the whole town offers to help in the search of the little kid. Will’s mother is desperate and is called crazy as she denies the death of Will and talks to Will through the lights of her house and the radio.

In the second season, Stranger Things 2, Will is still under shock upon his rescue and goes for therapy to bring him back to normal. Only few people actually knows what happened to Will and the secret government experiments. They make a pact and tries to live a normal life. Only if Will’s nightmares were only bad dreams and not something related to the Upside Down. But the nightmares become reality and the few known people must do everything to save Will before he is taken away forever.

The film is hugely influenced by the well known works like Stephen King, Steven Spielberg and others. A must watch sci-fi series.

#5. Black Mirror (2005- )

No. of seasons: 4

No. of episodes: 19

Language: English

Creator: Charlie Brooker

Can you imagine a list of sci-fi series without mentioning Black Mirror. This series is so versatile and fits in all the sci-fi genre. It’s a British anthology series, that explores the new technologies in the near or distant future. Their effects and consequences in personal lives or society on relying too heavily on technologies is very beautiful shown. It’s dark, scary at times and very much experimental. It’s a reality check and peeks into the bleak future we are headed to.

Every episode is different, with a new story and characters set in different future reality. The sheer result of too much technology in our modern life can be promising to us, making things easier but their is also the dark, harsh reality of too much dependence on the same technology that may cost unplanned life threatening consequences.

Altered Carbon and Black Mirror are both similar where both depends heavily in technology, the download of ones consciousness into other body to live like immortals can bring both positivity and negativity into the lives of people.

It’s one of the best sci-fi shows on Netflix and I can binge watched it all the time. It has also received many awards and is a favorite of the critics.

All the episodes are very interesting ones. However my top picks are , ‘The National Anthem’ and ‘The Entire History of You’ from season 1. ‘White Bear’ and ‘White Christmas’ from season 2. ‘Playtest’, ‘San Junipero’ and ‘Hated in the Nation’ from season 3.USS Callister’, ‘Crocodile’ and ‘Black Museum’ from season 4 are my absolute favorites.

#6. Orphan Black (2013-2017)

No. of original seasons: 5

No. of seasons available in Netflix: 3

Language: English

Creators: John Fawcett, Graeme Manson

Arguably the best sci-fi thriller, Orphan Black has everything, illegal scientific experiments, their effects and consequences, emotional love and friendship, will do anything to survive stuffs, I mean everything. The lead actress Tatiana Maslany as Sarah Manning and several others gave a blockbuster performance. The series follows a con artist woman but a responsible mother, Sarah Manning who takes up the identity of her look alike detective who committed suicide. She just wants to provide everything to her daughter, and planned to rob money from the detective. But she is unaware that the detective is investigating a case which is connected to her and many others. She soon realized she is a clone and there are others like her all over the world. She somehow gets tangled up this conspiracy and tries to live a normal life and also helping the sisters who are being hunted to cover the illegal human cloning activities. With the subsequent seasons more enemies are made and several secrets are revealed also leading to the discovery of their brother clones.

Only three seasons are available on Netflix with season three being recently added. I’m waiting for season 4 and 5, hopefully Netflix adds them too.

#7. Travelers (2016- )

No. of seasons: 2

No. of episodes: 24

Language: English

Creator: Brad Wright

The Travelers, is set in the future, almost 100 years from now, where the last remaining human survivors has taken up the task to change the future of humanity by sending back their consciousness through time into the people of 21st century. The consciousness are send back to random people who are minutes away from their death, after their death they assume their bodies to not create problems in the timeline. These future humans are called ‘Travelers’ and are tasked to perform different tasks to save themselves from future apocalypses. They are given orders by the director from the future. This show follows such a group of travelers, a FBI agent, a single mother, a high school boy, a young disabled girl and a heroine addicted college student. The series show the moment from their death, the transitions and their journey in their various world saving missions.

Though the plot doesn’t have any similarity with Altered Carbon, it is a good sci-fi series that keeps the audiences engaged with it’s missions. The series has already two seasons and the news of release of third season is said to be in late 2018.

So these are series that can be watched after Altered Carbon. These whole list is binge worthy and they will satisfy your itching on watching more sci-fi like Altered Carbon.

Which shows have you watched so far, which shows are you planning to watch? Feel free to share on the comments section. Stay tuned for more movie updates.

Happy Watching!

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