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Top 10 Best Teen Dramas of All Time

Teen dramas are the most popular among the masses including us adults who loves to watch these dramas to reminisce those high school days. Days about stepping into the world of teen age fighting those wild hormones in our bodies that eventually forms the basis of teen dramas. Drama, friendship, love, relationships, followed with betrayal […]

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Top 10 Beautiful Animated Movies of All Time

Welcome back to another Top 10 List, In this list we will look at some of the most, critically acclaimed, popular among masses animated films of all time. Most people take animated films for granted, like they are only for kids and other stuffs. But hey, there are lot of Anime films which areĀ  extremely […]

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15 Best Movies like “American Pie”

I have to admit my first adult comedy film was in fact American Pie, but it was the last of the series, American Pie: Reunion, and then later on i completed the whole effing series. It’s one of my favorite and i never get bored watching it over and over again. If you still haven’t […]

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15 Best Movies like “The Notebook”

The Notebook, even before making us cry by its adaptation into a movie made our hearts break by its beautiful story. The Notebook, came out to the theaters in 2004 and had the same impact on us like the book. With its beautiful story and powerful performances from Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams the film […]

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