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15 Best RomComs of All Time that you should Watch!

15 Best RomComs of All Time that you should Watch!
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We all enjoy Romcoms especially because they all light-hearted unlike romantic movies and always have a happy ending, apart from all that those we cannot miss those hilarious plot lines and twists. So, I have decided to put some of the best RomComs of all time. Let’s have look at it and if you haven’t watched them yet, then hurry up.

#1 The Philadelphia Story:

This is one of the classic movies with excellent casting. Katherine Hepburn has stole the show. It has set new standards for rom-coms and broke many records at that time. The unique voices of the three main leads makes audience fascinated. Though movie seems like an adult one, one cannot simply miss those witty dialogues. Every scene is an amazing piece of work. Director being the hidden hero seems to well aware of public’s mindset, as he made every frame with utmost perfection. All these attributes make the movie worth watching on any other day.

#2 Clueless:

The main theme of the movie looks slightly based upon Jane Austen’s “Emma”, but what caught my attention is the way director made this normal teen flick into a classic. This film entertains you all along and makes you feel connected with actors. The storyline takes us back to the fairy tales and boosts your belief in happy endings. Cher is not just a motherless daughter looking for her prince charming but also a caring daughter, the character has hold all kind of emotions in it. The humour side of the movie is which makes you burst into laughter and the climax gives you tears of joy.

#3 Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

Every movie-lover would have watched this movie at least once in their lifetime. The grace of Audrey Hepburn brings us back again and again. If anybody has already read the novel on which the movie based on, they can not imagine any other person as Holly Golightly other than her. The screenplay and actors is a best example for beautiful Hollywood romance. Golightly being a free party chick whose expenses are paid by the rich suitors there make us experience the best fantasies. Though few scenes and the character of an Asian landlord seems racist, you will definitely enjoy the humour involved all the while.

#4 Groundhog day:

A beautiful rom-com with a philosophical essence attracts all type of audience to this movie. Probably the best work ever done by the Bill Murray and a smooth vision of Oscar-nominated director David O Russell set aside this movie and give it a special place among all other rom-coms. “None of us have forever”, this is the lesson you get to learn from this film and makes you remember it along with all great movies in your list. The timeless morale of the film is an example of classical narrative. The comedy is not just hilarious but intelligent that is depicted in broad sense. Phil is not a most liked man but in fact, he is a walking problem which makes the character perfect for Murray.

#5 Roman Holiday:

Being another classic of Audrey Hepburn, there are many other elements which make this movie worth watching. George Peck equally performed with Hepburn and their charm runs through the whole movie. I would like to give a personal credit for the amazing score by Georges Auric. The lyrics perfectly suit the situations of characters, and delightful for the ears. Always being a bird in a golden cage makes the princess( Audrey Hepburn) run away when she get a chance to escape from her protectors. Perfect music, perfect casting and perfect music all these make this movie rememberable for a long time. Also the film has a laudable mixture of fantasy and reality. Although termed as a romantic comedy, the comedy elements are not as much as you expected but perfectly blends with script.

#6 Beginners:

Being a script with the heavy-hearted scenario, Beginners surprised me with complete different perception adopted by it. It is the best ever performance by Christopher Plummer that takes the picture to a whole new level. I understood that there’s a reason for this film to be played at Toronto International film festival. The movie is mostly about life and all kind of feelings, emotions, experiences involved in it. This is about how a mother and father has a special place in shaping the life of their son. The value of relations is understood by this movie and a little comedy here and there makes the movie experience more pleasant. The way director presented three time periods in an overlapping form is appreciable and there is a hidden message all over.

#7 La La Land:

This film has many invisible layers which are perfectly arranged by the director, Damien Chazelle. I enjoyed the the whole theme beginning in Los Angeles as it is the best place for the film to happen. Sebastian’s character is relatable due to the agony involved in it. His struggle to save the essence of Jazz music and bring back it to life and Mia’s struggle to become an actress is well portrayed. And the way Sebastian has revived the fire back in Mia even after many failures make their relation worth watching. Love, the poetic love can be seen and felt all through the movie. Probably love is the only term that struck into your brain all over the film. The theme of the movie is not just soothing but also inspiring and the music is the soul of the movie. A tremendous performance by Emma Stone which is that made her to deserve an Oscar for this film.

#8 Midnight in Paris:

This movie provides a great insight about a writer’s world and the realistic presence of the script makes your eyes glued to the film. There is something unique about midnights, the way they snatches our masks and bring us close to our vulnerabilities and also how they make us feel surreal about all beautiful experiences, this is the essence of the film. Infedility is presented in a sensible manner that make empathetic with Gil Prender. The film is not just the love affair between Gil and the women but also between Gil and Paris. There is a reason why it is remarkably called Land of Love. Woody Allen welcomed audience to his world of romance, nostalgia, imperfectness, vulnerability and especially reality. Amazing cinematography and a pure sense of humour are add-ons to this classic.

#9 When Harry Met Sally:

A beautiful classic that creates an urge to fall in love again and again, the timeless portrayal of script and Meg Ryan makes this movie one of the best rom-coms of all time. Each and every kine makes sense, the writers hadn’t written it like any other ordinary love story but each word pricks your heart and settle deep inside it. Also, this movie makes you restless as you would get into the complete drive to know the story further. The comedy is sharp and completely hilarious on a serious note. Woody Allen took care of every aspect by not sentimentalizing it too much and by adding witty quality to it. Both the characters Ryan and Crystal are perfectly cast for the roles and they added a freshness to the film and the funny exploration of the question: “Can a man and woman just remain friends forever?” makes it a modern classic with age-old perspective. Finally, this movie not just an ordinary chick-flick but a heart-warming love story.

#10 There’s something about Mary:

There are many haters for this movie, but after watching I realized that this is the film where Farrelly Brothers are at their funniest. The humour drives you insane and the story is simple yet makes you feel connected. Everyone would get an idea about the plot but the curiosity is about how it actually happens in the movie. This movie set an perfect example for modern comedy. The selection of title is apt for the movie and I feel all the technicians worked for this movie are at their best. But you shall get ready for a routine plot, otherwise this movie is going to bore you in few minutes. So, it would be correct if I say Farrelly Brothers added a spark to this movie and made it a best watch for weekends.

#11 Muriel’s Wedding:

The marketers of this movie tried to create a commercial environment for it, but they ended up creating a wrong idea in people’s mind that it is a routine chick-flick. But this movie is definitely more than what it depicted before releasing. Muriel is a socially bored person due to family with an abnormal family and always desires for an escape. There are many emotional elements triggered in this movie like Friendship, empathy and compassion. The comedy is dark and few scenes from the movie stays in your heart for a long time. Best part is that many can relate to Muriel who is sensible and true to her heart. The humour is again surreal, plot is presented in a non-judgmental way which leaves us fascinated by the end. And the music of ABBA is something which none of us gonna dare to miss. Toni Collette performed very well which altogether made the movie a masterpiece.

#12 American Pie:

This movie depicted teen anxiety for sex by creating a plot where four teens make an agreement to lose virginity before they graduate. The humor is extremely funny which at times makes you laugh and shrink into the seat during embarrassing moments. Even the sentimental scenes are presented really well which bring an instant emotional smile on your face. It explores all kinds of comedy and gave Chris Klein a breakout with the release. A lot of guys relate to this movie by bringing back their high school memories. Not all the characters stick to one perspective but a double-sided perception is shown in the film which makes you connect in some of the other ways. If you are easily offended by the sexual elements or dark humour, then this movie is not for you. Apart from that a person with an open mind thoroughly enjoys this movie and explores a different side of the teen world which is not very clearly presented in other movies.

#13 WALL -E:

This movie is a pure magic and Pixar at its best in every aspect. The plot is about a lonely robot WALL-E and how he finds and follows his love EVE across the dimensions of space and time. Apart, from that this movie has explored many elements sensitively. This time Pixar has ignored physics and imparted all their imagination in shaping the story. It shows how too much technology has made humans incapable rather than increasing their abilities and also the importance of plants and greenery is shown in the most subtle way possible. The element of love with a bit of humor which make us emotional at times and in turn make us fall in love with the film. Its not very easy to make audience sympathize or empathize with a robot and Pixar have always been their in adding a real sentiment in their movies. In my view, this movie is more artistic and they picturized in a way to make you feel that everything is shot with a real camera in the real world. If I had to give any review then 5 stars or 10/10 is the only rating I can give to this film.

#14 Juno:

This movie takes out the most complicated topic of teen pregnancy without tangling it. Its really a fresh perspective tower Juno leaves a lot of impression on yards such sensitive topic which attracts you all over the film. The character and the dialogues may feel boring or disturbing to some, but in my view, it has been fitted with the movie plot. Casting is great and Ellen Page is the only one that can do justice to the character “Juno”. Coming to the subjective aspect of the movie it has been dealt with so much perfection that you can watch the movie along with your teen child without any hesitation. Only a particular kind of audience cannot enjoy this movie, otherwise, this movie is a good watch on any day.

#15 Lost in translation:

We all admire Scarlett Johansson, but her real worth is understood in this movie in which she plays the character of a wife to a photographer who later becomes friends with a movie star, which is portrayed by our very own Bill Murray. There is no way you can feel that you are in a movie, as every scene and every sequence is presented with utmost perfection and the admirable acting of the main leads takes you to some other world and constantly keeps you intact with your reality. The whole essence of the movie lies about a person who is at risk for her own emotional happiness in the future and in a way struck between the present and past. The thoughts of travel and marriage came together in a crystallized manner and difficulties of midlife are posted in an obvious manner. I feel maybe not everyone can sympathize with this movie, but this film has its own way to take you into the joyous ride of emotions, values, and feelings.

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