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15 Best Movies like “The Notebook”

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The Notebook, even before making us cry by its adaptation into a movie made our hearts break by its beautiful story. The Notebook, came out to the theaters in 2004 and had the same impact on us like the book. With its beautiful story and powerful performances from Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams the film soon had its own cult following making it one of the best romantic movie ever made of all times. To all the people who can’t do without watching romantic films whether it has a happy or tragic ending and also dreaming of a good love story of their own, I have curated a list of all time popular romantic films similar to “The Notebook“.

Spoiler Alert: Nicholas Sparks is everywhere!! 

15 Movies You Must Watch if You Loved “The Notebook”


#15. The Best Of Me (2014)

Director: Michael Hoffman

Cast: James Marsden, Michelle Monaghan, Luke Bracey, Laina Liberto

The Best of Me, a romantic drama based on 2011 novel by the same name by Nicholas Sparks. The film centers around two high school sweethearts, Dawson and Amanda who were separated for more than 20 years but faith once again united them when one of their mutual friend dies and they are asked to carry out his last wishes. Dawson now working as a oil rig worker and Amanda married although she is unhappy and still loves Dawson tries to rekindle their old romance. But once again tragedy befalls on them, just before Amanda is ready to leave her husband and start a new life with Dawson, Dawson is killed. Even though they were separated again, they were more closer than ever as Amanda founds out even after his death, Dawson gave the best of himself.

#14. The Vow (2012)

Director: Michael Sucsy

Cast: Channing Tatum, Rachel McAdams

The Vow, inspired by the trues story of Kim and Krickitt Carpenter tells the beautiful love story of a married couple Leo (Channing Tatum) and Paige (Rachel McAdams) who suffers a horrible car crash accident. Leo suffers minor injuries but Paige is sent to coma. Paige wakes up to finding she now suffers from amnesia and has no memory of last five years, even her marriage to Leo which leaves Leo devastated and heartbroken. Paige leaves with her parents and recklessly reconcile with her former fiancé. Leo desperately tries to win his wife back before he loses her forever.

#13. 50 First Dates (2004)

Director: Peter Segal

Cast: Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Rob Schneider

50 First Dates, is a heart warming romantic comedy film who stars Adam Sandler as Henry Roth and Drew Barrymore as Lucy. Henry lives in beautiful Hawaii getting into numerous flings in the island until he meets Lucy. They hit off that night but when Henry finally thought that he has found the woman of his life, things start falling in front of his eyes for when Lucy doesn’t remember meeting Henry. It is revealed to Henry that Lucy suffers from short-term memory loss which makes her impossible to remember anything. Henry is serious about Lucy and takes up as his mission to make Lucy fall in love with him everyday hoping one day she will remember him and they can be together forever.

#12.10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

Director: Gil Junger

Cast: Heath Ledger, Julia Stiles, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Larisa Oleynik

This film a American romantic comedy is a modernization of William Shakespeare’s late 16th century comedy The Taming of the Shrew. The film tells the story of unconventional love story of a couple Patrick (Heath Ledger) and Kat (Julia Stiles). Kat has a younger sister, Bianca (Larisa) who is more upfront and loves going out boys, partying enjoying life while Kat is a complete opposite. Due to their father’s strict rules that both the daughters can only see boys if both are dating at the same time. Cameron (Gordon-Levitt) has a crush on Bianca and devise a plan by getting bad boy Patrick to get close to Kat and make her fall in love with him so that he can express his feelings to Bianca.

#11. P.S I Love You (2007)

Director: Richard LaGravenese

Cast: Gerard Butler, Hillary Swank, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Lisa Kudrow

This romantic drama film is based on the 2004 novel by the same name by Cecelia Ahem. The story centers around Holly Kennedy (Hillary Swank) who recently lost her husband Gerry (Gerard Butler) to brain tumor and still mourning his death withdraws from all her friends and family. On her 30th birthday and subsequently she receives a series of letters from her late husband specific for certain occasions so that she could start a new life, a life without the feeling of losing her husband or feel helpless because knows her better than her husband, rediscovering herself. With Gerry’s letters Holly gets hope, strength and inspiration to start a new life.

#10. The Longest Ride (2015)

Director: George Tillman Jr.

Cast: Scott Eastwood, Britt Robertson, Jack Huston, Ona Chaplin, Alan Alda

This American Neo Western romantic film is based on 2013 novel by the same name by Nicholas Sparks tells the story of a two couples, one much older and survivals of enduring love and another young couple starting their relationship. The film centers mainly on the younger couple, a star bull rider Luke and an art student Sophia belonging to very distinct and different worlds. Belonging to different worlds there is bound to be conflict as they both aren’t in any mood to give up on their dreams. A chance encounter with Ira (older couple) when they rushed him to the hospital after Ira met with an accident changes their lives forever. Ira’s memories of his beloved wife and their relationship throughout the dark and happy times, deeply influenced Sophia and Luke as they decide to take a deeper look into their relationship.

#9. Notting Hill (1999)

Director: Roger Michell

Cast: Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, Emma Chambers, Rhys Ifans

Can a famous actress and a simple bookstore clerk fall in love and maintain a relationship. Well you will find out in this romantic film. Hugh Grant plays William Thacker a bookstore clerk and Julia Roberts plays a famous actress Anna Scott from the United States. Things changes for William when Anna walks in into his shop and buys a book but unfortunately William spills juice all over her dress and kindly offers his help to clean up at his house which Anna agrees. While leaving Anna kisses William but ask him not to mention it to anyone. A romance start between them but all seems to go other side when William gets to know about Anna boyfriends which separates them for a brief period. Over the period of time, William’s friends console him and ask him to move on but with Anna’s return to London again gives William and Anna last chance to rekindle their romance against the odds

#8. Me Before You (2016)

Director: Thea Sharrock

Cast: Emilia Clarke, Sam Claflin, Matthew Lewis, Jenna Coleman

Based on the 2012 novel of the same name by Jojo Moyes, Me Before You is a British-American romantic drama film. Emilia Clarke plays the role of Louisa Clark who becomes a care taker to a rich young paralyzed man played by Sam Clafin (William Traynor). Will due to his condition hates everyone and makes sure that Louisa gets her fair share of his hatred too. Louisa doesn’t understand why Will is so cold towards her and everyone else and tries everything to bring down Will’s stubbornness thus forms an unlikely bond eventually falling deeply in love which will change the courses of their lives.

#7. 500 Days of Summer (2009)

Director: Marc Webb

Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Zooey Deschanel

In his first directorial debut, Marc Webb presents the film in a non linear narrative of a couple and their failed relationship. The film centers around Joseph (Tom) who meets a girl Summer (Zooey Deschanel) and falls in love with her, and is sure that Summer is the one with whom he will spend his rest of his life, but Summer doesn’t believe in love and commitment which ultimately cause their breaking up. In this film,Tom goes back and forth to the one year of knowing Summer, their friendship and falling in love, getting separated while rediscovering his true passions in the process.

#6. La La Land (2016)

Director: Damien Chazelle

Cast: Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone

This Multiple Oscar winning film is a musical romantic comedy film which tells the story of two struggling artists, Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) as a jazz pianist and Mia (Emma Stone) as an aspiring actress who meet and fall in love due to their common desires to fulfill their dreams. For years they struggle and help each other to find a place in Hollywood. As success comes to them, it takes a toll on their relationship as they have to chose between their love and the dreams they worked so hard for a long time.

The film was a both critically and commercially successful and got praised for its direction and Gosling and Emma’s powerful performances. It was nominated 14 times at the 89th Academy Awards including Best Picture. It took home six awards: Best Director, Best Actress, Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, Best Original Song (City of Stars) and Best Production Design. However, it lost the Best Picture to “Moonlight“.

#5. Sweet November (2001)

Director: Pat O’ Connor

Cast: Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron, Jason Isaacs

Reuniting again after The Devil’s Advocate where Keanu and Charlize played husband and wife, Sweet November, is a romantic drama based on a classic film made in 1968, tells the story of two people, Nelson Moss (Keanu Reeves) a workaholic executive and Sara Deever (Charlize Theron) an unconventional, care free woman who gets to know each other by a chance encounter during a driving test and agree to an intimate relationship for a month, the month of November. However, Sara and Nelson fall in love with each other and in that short one month, she changes his life forever.

#4. Blue Valentine (2010)

Director: Derek Clanfrance

Cast: Ryan Gosling, Michelle Williams

The film tells the story of a married couple, Dean Pereira (Ryan Gosling), a house painter and Cynthia “Cindy” Heller (Michelle Williams), a nurse in a medical clinic going back and forth in time between their relationship and to the time when their marriage falls apart several years later.

#3. A Walk To Remember (2002)

Director: Adam Shankman

Cast: Shane West, Mandy Moore, Peter Coyote, Daryl Hannah

A Walk to Remember, is a coming-of-age romantic drama based on Nicholas Sparks’ 1999 novel by the same name. The film tells the story of a bad boy Landon Carter who gets community service after getting into trouble and also participating in a spring play, during which he meets good girl Jamie Sullivan, the reverend’s daughter who helps him in the play and fall in love with her despite being complete opposite to her. Landon’s friends tease him for being in love with Jamie and Landon defends Jamie. But when a heart-breaking secret is revealed Landon is left devastated and there he realize the true meaning of love and tries everything to save their relationship.

#2. The Fault In Our Stars (2014)

Director: Josh Boone

Cast: Shailene Woodley, Ansel Elgort

The most romantic and heartbreaking romantic drama film of 21st century, The Fault In Our Stars is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by John Green. The film tells the story of two teenage cancer patients Hazel Grace Lancaster (Woodley) and Augustus Waters (Elgort) who meet each other during a cancer support group and fall in love with each other. Hazel’s love for books particularly her favorite novel, where she dreams of meeting the writer, Van Houten to look for answers regarding the book, takes the couple on a life changing journey to Amsterdam.

#1. Titanic (1997)

Director: James Cameron

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet

And now the epic, most romantic and heartbreaking romantic drama of all time, Titanic is the go-to romantic movie every one would recommend even if the world is on verge of its final days, maybe by an alien invasion or a massive comet. Titanic, depicts the fictional accounts of the sinking of the unsinkable ship RMS Titanic and an undying poignant love story between a rich, aristocratic lady, Rose (Kate Winslet) and a poor low class man Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) on board the ship on its first ever and last voyage. Although engaged and set to be married soon, Rose and Jack soon starts a secretive, passionate love affair but their love story has an tragic end as Titanic hits an iceberg and begins to descend into the freezing waters of Atlantic. Jack and Rose must fight against the freezing odds of Atlantic until they are rescued.

The film achieved critical and commercial success upon its release and became the first movie to cross a billion revenue at the box office. The film was nominated for 14 Academy Awards and won 11: including Best Picture and Best Director.

I hope you likes the list and go on a full movie marathon with these beautiful stories. Happy Watching!!

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