12 Best Movies To Watch in July 2018

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We have reached the peak of the summer season, with scorching heat, this July brings us a package of action thrillers, a lots of sequels that will set the screen ablaze. Without further ado, let’s see what this July month has stored for us.

July 4, Wednesday

#1. The First Purge

Genre: Horror/Thriller/Prequel

Director: Gerard DeMonaco

Cast: Mo McRae, Joivan Wade, Luna Lauren Velez

Welcome to the Purge Movement, a prequel that showcases the elements that led to the founding of the atrocious social experiment by the New Founding Fathers of America (NEFA) which allows a time period of lawless 12 hours annually, where all crimes are legal to decrease the rate of crimes for the rest of the year. Save your Grudges, Save the Date, Bring the Purge. It will be a long night!!

July 6, Friday

#2. Ant-Man and the Wasp

Genre: Superhero/Adventure/Sequel

Director: Payton Reed

Cast: Paul Rudd, Hannah John-Kamen, Evangeline Lilly

There is no stopping for Marvel Studios this year, releasing back-to-back superheros films since the start of the year, Marvel Studios will fire up this summer with another superhero film, the ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp‘. Sequel to the highly successful Ant-Man in 2015, this one will take us on a new journey with Ant-Man and his new sidekick the Wasp on a new mission. Watch out for these two little buggers as they fight a new powerful enemy and also uncovering secret from their past.

#3. Sorry to Bother You

Genre: Fantasy/Comedy/Drama

Director: Boots Riley

Cast: Tessa Thompson, Lakeith Stanfield, Steven Yeun

This sci-fi/fantasy comedy film tells the story of a black telemarketer in an dystopian, near future who discovers the key to business success, taking him to the top of the food chain, but with his colleagues protesting against unjust labor practices he must decide whether to stand by his friends or get sucked by the smooth talking biggies of his company.

July 13, Friday

#4. Hotel Transylvania: Summer Vacation

Genre: Animation/Horror/Family/Sequel

Director: Genndy Tartakovsky

Cast: Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, Andy Samberg

Hey, look who is back, our favorite monster family, taking an all new vacation in a luxury Monster cruise ship, giving Dracula to cool off the heat entertaining his guests at his hotel. Everyone will have a great fun, that’s for sure but one thing troubles Mavis, as Drac seems smitten by the mysterious captain of the ship, Ericka who is planning something sinister. This movie will surely entertain all your family and will be a great watch for your kids this summer.

#5. Skyscraper

Genre: Action/Adventure/Thriller

Director: Rawson Marshall Thurber

Cast: Dwanye Johnson, Neve Campbell, Chin Han

Dwanye Johnson starrer Skyscraper is making the round for it’s adrenaline rush trailer and will be setting the screens on fire for its action scenes. The film is set in China, where Dwanye will be seen as a Former FBI agent working as security assessor for the tallest skyscraper in China. When a fire starts out in the building, Dwanye must do the extraordinary to find out the culprits and clear his name after being wrongfully accused of the accident. The most heart wrenching task for him would be to rescue his family who is trapped inside the building. It will be a treat to those action seekers and The Rock’s die hard fans.

#6. Don’t Worry, He Won’t Get Far On Foot

Genre: Biography/Drama

Director: Gus Van Sant

Cast: Joaquin Phoenix, Jonah Hill, Jack Black, Rooney Mara

Based on the true story of quadriplegic cartoonist John Callahan, Joaquin Phoenix plays the protagonist who after a fatal car accident that leaves him wheelchair-bound, enters a rehab center to give up his drinking habit. On his sobriety his discovers a gift of sketching cartoons characters which will eventually gain him national fame and change his life forever. A feelgood movie that will definitely put a smile on your face. A must watch!

July 20, Friday

#7. ‘Mama Mia! Here We Go Again’

Genre: Musical/Romance/Sequel

Director: Ol Parker

Cast: Amanda Seyfried, Meryl Streep, Colin Firth

We are ready for a fun filled, azure paradise in the sequel to 2008 hit Mamma Mia. In the sequel, the film goes back and forth in time, with Sophie played by Amanda Seyfried being pregnant and finding more about her mother’s past which leaves her curious again.

#8. Unfriended: Dark Web

Genre: Horror/Thriller/Sequel

Director: Stephen Susco

Cast: Betty Gabriel, Colin Woodell, Andrew Lees, Connor Del Rio

Sequel to the 2014, Unfriended, Unfriended: Dark Web has come back to haunt us this summer. The horror slasher film starts with a teenager finding a cache of files on a laptop found in a lost-and-found bin. Finding disturbing stuffs in the files while video chatting online with his friends, they soon realized they are being watched by the owner of the laptop and are forced into a deadly game of “Do this or die”. Unfriended the original, received mixed reviews from some claiming brilliant and a must watch, while some were rather harsh in digesting the plot of the film. Let’s hope the sequel brings something new to the table, and for the ones seeking thriller and teenagers getting killed, well you won’t be disappointed.

#9. The Equalizer 2

Genre: Action/Thriller/Sequel

Director: Antoine Fuqua

Cast: Denzel Washington, Pedro Pascal, Ashton Sanders, Melissa Leo, Bill Pullman

Denzel Washington is back for another Equalizer film, a sequel to the hit 2014 ‘The Equalizer’. Denzel will be playing the role of a retired CIA operative McCall, the fearless McCall will be seen travelling the world to rescue a kidnapped girl from America and also seeking revenge for his friend’s murder in this intense action filled movie. Washington will again make sure, justice is served well.

July 27, Friday

#10. Mission: Impossible – FallOut

Genre: Action/Adventure/Sequel

Director: Christopher McQuarrie

Cast: Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby

Our long time favorite secret agent, Ethan Hunt is back on another thrilling adventure in the new installment of the blockbuster film franchise, Mission: Impossible. Ethan Hunt with his loyal IMF team along with his former allies must race against time to stop catastrophic threats to the world when an IMF mission goes terribly wrong. With his fair share of former allies and assassins, Hunt must again turn the impossible to possible and save the world. With the original supporting cast backing up Hunt once again, Mission: Impossible-Fallout makes out for the most anticipated movie of this month. Get ready for an overdoes of action, adrenaline and Ethan Hunt.

#11. Teen Titans Go! To The Movies

Genre: Action/Adventure/Superhero

Director: Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenic

Cast: Kristen Bell, Will Arnett, Greg Clipes

DC Comics fans, it will be a relief for you guys to finally get your head out as the Marvel Studios has been dominating the screens for so long. Not a major action flick, you have been craving for, but it is a wholesome film best for a family and especially for the kids this summer. The film adapted from the popular CN series will show the superhero team journeying to Hollywood to fulfill their dream of getting a movie made about their exploits. A film is incomplete without a villain, so the super villain in this film, with his sinister plan to take over the planet misdirects the Teen Titans who finds their fate of becoming stars sidelined.

#12. Puzzle

Genre: Drama

Director: Marc Turtletub

Cast: Kelly MacDonald, Irrfan Khan, David Denman

This film follows the story of a suburban housewife, Agnes whose life is filled with boredom, discovers her true passion in solving jigsaw puzzles which opens up a world of excitement and self-discovery which she never imagined in her life in this drama film.

Hope you enjoy this summer list of films. Come back again for the next month’s issue. Till then Happy Watching!!

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