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11 Beautiful Romantic Dramas like Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice”, this name is familiar to every Hollywood movie lover. Jane Austen’s classic romantic novel has become “most loved book” in a short time. Later the movie made based on this novel with the same title has broken many records and received critical appreciation. The beauty of historical romance is depicted in many other movies that take us into an emotional roller coaster ride. There is a list of movies which gives us the similar experience, let us quickly look at the best of them now.

So, the question comes back to, why do we love romantic movies? Well, most of the people during a particular period in their lives find themselves engaged in old school traditions. They tend to watch movies where people are richer, skinner and prettier with enriched lives. That’s right, the rom-com movies. At times, you might have wondered, ‘Why are we doing this to ourselves?’ and end up with the answer, ‘Because they tend to create a happiness inside me.’

Strangely enough, if you’re one of those people who ended up watching few romcoms and are looking forward to the major section of romantic dramas, then this post is for you. This list is made of some realistic and as well as exclusively appealing romantic dramas that can bring the pleasure in you. Take a eloborative view!

#1 Bright Star:

This alluring romantic drama is focused on the last three of years of the famous English poet ‘John Keats’ and his love life with ‘Fanny Brawne’. I feel that the movie is quite underrated, while it deserves a lot of response for the beautiful portrayal of the story. The best point about the film is that John Keats wasn’t just shown as a person who just poses as a romantic poet, instead of you watch carefully you can understand that whatever he was known for was his real thing. The eye-catching personality of actress Abbie Cornish who played the female lead is simply captivating. Their grand and poetic romance was amazingly depicted by Campion and the way he reproduced the verbal beauty of Keats is remarkable. Since the movie is shown from the view of Fanny Brawne, the real sense of feminity is displayed.

#2 A Room with a View:

James Ivory’s British romantic drama is one of my favorite 80’s film. This film showed how a woman from Italy has struggled during the restrictive Edwardian era of England. The entire movie revolves around a theme that one must have the courage to face one’s feelings and vulnerabilities and how one must risk being together, which George (main lead) never failed to do. The film is not just about the love story of Lucy and George, but it a satirical comment on repressive  British class system. In the end, the story concentrates not only on the significant nature of characters but also how one can change them accordingly.

#3 Atonement:

This Oscar winner romantic war drama directed by Joe Wright focuses on a theme that how a small incident affects people’s lives forever. The movie has a happy beginning but eventually ends with a series of tragic incidents. It is about a teen girl who misunderstood and turned jealous of her elder sister’s relationship with a guy and how a small mistake of hers changed the lives of three of them. The mishap consequences that arise later break your emotional balance. Each scene is deep and there is a shot at the beach of Dunkirk which is one of the best takes in the entire filmography. The uninterrupted presentation of the film which doesn’t ruin the beauty of the novel(original on which film is based)  leaves you fascinated.

#4 Gone with the Wind:

“Gone with the Wind” is a record-breaking film of that times and definitely an eye treat for romantic movie lovers. The stereotypical depiction of civil war and condition of slaves at those times gives you a nostalgic experience. The film score and cinematography including the story is a pure work of art. Leigh and Gable are the heart of the film, they made us experience the reality with tremendous modifications of body languages which are brilliantly captured by Victor Fleming. Unlike many historical dramas, this film has its unique way of presenting the conditions that actually represents that period of time. Many scenes like the burning of Atlanta, flight to Tara etc had left the audience on tenterhooks.

#5 The Remains of the Day:

‘The Remains of the Day’s is the film with a backdrop of 1930’s. The story revolves around a butler who is in a relationship with a housekeeper but struggled between his own love life and his loyal duties towards his master. The raw characterization is well presented in the movie and screenplay is narrated in a detailed manner. Steven is not any ordinary butler but a hardworking, loyal and intelligent in his own way, he is also a man with dignity which is the reason for conflicts in his life. Antony Hopkins and Emma Thompson lived their roles which made this movie memorable for year

#6 The New World:

Terrence Malick one of the greatest filmmakers ever, makes his thought carried on the entire film and leaves the audience spellbound. This movie is indeed an underrated masterpiece and it is not strange that it has got many devotees and fanatics. The intrinsic nature of love is expressed in a sensible manner. It is an endless celebration of love in my view and the way the story of Pocahontas is told in a wholly new way that removed all fanciness. Apart from the already known story of Pocahontas, it is the work of Malick that made the film magnetic.

#7 Shakespeare in Love:

“Shakespeare in love”, the film which stunned everyone by receiving Best picture Oscars. Though being an above average film, the literary work and portrayal of theater and life during that era is definitely a celebration for literature lovers. I personally appreciate how this romantic-comedy maintained the iambic pentameter along with the essence of Shakespeare’s love life. The haters of the film are just people who are not interested in literature, aesthetics, and poetry. We all are aware of Shakespeare’s plays, but his personal life is still a secret for many of us which are revealed in a delicate way. There are few noticeable mistakes, but overlooking all of the John Madden’s work is worth watching.

#8 Far from the Madding Crowd:

“Far from the Madding Crowd” is a must watch for the film lovers. The cinematography is brilliant and the movie gives a pure experience to the audience. The story runs around a young girl Bathsheba who is struck between the love of three men who are close to her heart. Naturally being a free-spirited girl she is always driven into confusion by the world with a question “Whom will she marry?”. Carrey Mulligan perfectly portrayed the character of Bathsheba while the director captured the narrative in an awe-striking manner. The writers must be appreciated in the end for giving us some beautiful and alluring lines to live on.

#9 The English Patient:

Though not well received by the audience for being a conventional dramatic movie, I decided to watch the movie myself but not rely on the public review. And I found it absolutely beautiful that was organized in a holistic manner. It is indeed an intelligent adaptation of the existing novel. Minghella redefined the storytelling by presenting this pure love story in a principled manner. The small mistakes in the direction are covered by the realistic performances of the actors while making this film an award winner.

#10 The Age of Innocence:

Martin Scorsese’s period romantic drama is based on the famous novel by Edith Wharton. The director has played his witchcraft in making this film one of the greatest historical romance dramas of its time. The movie is about a lawyer who falls in love with a wrong person, that is the cousin of the woman he is about to marry. The emotions, feelings, thoughts everything is honestly shown. The title ‘The age of innocence’ perfectly suits as the story is a complete fantasy to the period which it talks about. It shows how we people tend to follow some conventional social norms, whilst the raw feelings of human are always contradictory.

#11 Sense and Sensibility:

“Sense and Sensibility”, shall I call this a complete film made by one of the favorite directors of all time and written by our very own Jane Austen who is well known for being a classic writer who knows how to weave perfect emotions. Keeping all this aside, this movie is about struggles of three young and beautiful women whose lives became worse after their father’s death. Ang Lee didn’t concentrate only on depicting romance as the essence of the film, but it is focused on showing the Dashwood family as a supportive one. Winslet, Thompson, and Grant have added beauties of this film who mesmerized audience not only with their personalities but also with their elegant acting with a sense of personification.
That being said, make sure you spend adequate time in watching these 11 Beautiful Romantic Dramas like Pride and Prejudice to spend a qualitative weekend.

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