11 Best Movies to watch in August 2018

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With July month bursting the movie theaters with action filled, independent movies marking their name in the Industry, We will see what this month has to offer us. A few films has manage to grab worldwide attention, so let’s take a look at the movies that are coming out in your nearby theaters.

I will be listing the movies according to the date they are coming out. Feast your eyes people.

August 3, Friday

#1. The Darkest Minds

Genre: Sci-fi/Action/Teen/Adaptation

Director: Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Cast: Amandla Stenberg, Mandy Moore, Gwendoline Christie

This film, The Darkest Minds, is based on the best selling young adult novel of the same name by Alexandra Bracken, that will tell the story of a group of American teens who have gained supernatural powers following a major pandemic event. These teens are deemed too dangerous for the general population and are all locked up in an interment camps. A 16-year old Ruby, who is considered the most powerful, escapes from the camp and join a group of runaway teens. With the government on their tails to hunt them down, they all must come together and fight to gain back their freedom. We all will get to witness Amandla Stenberg of The Hunger Games playing the lead role.

#2. The Spy Who Dumped Me

Genre: Spy/Action/Comedy

Director: Susanna Fogel

Cast: Mila Kunis, Kate McKinnon, Sam Heughan, Justin Theroux

If you are in the mood to have a good time at the movie theater without having to worry if anyone’s gonna die and feel upset, well this month will kick start with The Spy That Dumped Me movie, a comedy film to give you the feels. Mila Kunis will be staring as Audrey who got recently dumped by her boyfriend and low key celebrates her 30th birthday with her best friend Morgan (Kate McKinnon). The duos lives change dramatically when they are put in danger as Audrey’s ex boyfriend’s true identity as a CIA agent is revealed. They both get mixed up in an international conspiracy and find themselves on the run in Europe as they are being chased by assassins. They find aid from a mysterious British agent and must plan a way to save the world and themselves. This movie is sure to win the hearts of the audience with its witty dialogues, car chases, bad ass women fighting the goons. A highly recommended movie to fill your hearts with hapiness.

#3. Chritopher Robin

Genre: Drama/Family/Adaptation

Director: Marc Forster

Cast: Ewan MnGregor, Hayley Atwell, Jim Cummings

Based on the iconic children’s books created by A. A. Milne, this live action adventure film that stars Ewan MnGregor as Christopher Robin who spent his childood with Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and shared many adventures together. Christopher now all grown up has lost his way living a basic life with his family in London. His childhood stuffed friends return to his life to lift his heart and to teach him how to live a full joyous life, finding hapiness in simple things.

Aug 10, Friday

#4. The Meg

Genre: Sci-fi/Action/Adventure/Fantasy

Director: Jon Turteltaub

Cast: Jason Statham,Jessica MvNamee, Ruby Rose, Li Bingbing, Cliff Curtis, Rainn Wilson

A really, big, giant prehistoric shark, called the Megalodon starts to terrorize the Chinese coast, the 70 foot giant sea monster is thought to be extinct a long time ago. Enter Jason Statham (Jonas Taylor), an expert deep sea diver who lost his reputation years ago when a mission goes awfully wrong, now must face off this giant beast to save the day and confront his worst fear in this epic sci-fi action horror film. A summer treat for all the action lovers out there, and with our favourite action hero Jason Statham, one can only imagine the anticipation surrounding the film. The verdict is in, you have your summer blockbuster, people!

#5. Blackkklansman

Genre: Crime/Suspense/Thriller

Director: Spike Lee

Cast: John David Washington, Adam Driver, Ryan Eggold, Topher Grace, Alec Baldwin

This film is based on the real life story of Ron Stallworth, a rookie African-American police officer who is the first black person to become a detective in the Colorado Springs Police Department. Eager to make a name of hismeslf, he sets out on an odd mission to infiltrate and expose the local Ku Klax Klan chapter. He does that by using a white voice on phone calls and asking his white Jewish partner to be the person in the phone and blend himself in the gang. The film has recieved praise since its premiere and is destined to be a critically acclaimed film.

#6. Slender Man

Genre: Supernatural/Thriller/Horror

Director: Sylvain White

Cast: Joey King, Julia Goldani-Telles, Annalise Basso

Slender Man is a horrifying creature best known for his haunting and disappearance of children and teens. The film will follow a group of teenage girls who tries to debunk the haunting of the Slender Man, things goes awry when one of the girl disappears mysteriously and the girls must investigate the mystery behind the Slender Man in order to save their friend. This month doesn’t offer many horror films, so watch out for this teen horror number.

August 15, Wednesday

#7. Crazy Rich Asians

Genre: Comdey/Adaptation/Romance

Director: John Chu

Cast: Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Michelle Yoeh, Awkwafina

Perhaps one of the most anticipated film of this month after Jason Statham’s sci fi action film The Meg, Crazy Rich Asians based on the best selling novel of the same name by Kevin Kwan will showcase the craziest lifestyles of the richest people in Singapore and as it is very well known, with riches comes overwhelming family dramas and tragedies. The film will tell the story of an American-Chinese professor Rachel played by Constance Wu, who travels to Singapore with her longtime boyfriend, Nick Young (Henry Golding). Nick has kept a secret from Rachel which will take its own course when revealed. Rachel is dumbfounded when she was revealed that Nick belongs to one of the richest family in Singapore and also one of the most desired bachelor. With his traditional mother who is not very happy with his westerner girlfriend. Pressure keeps mounting on Rachel as she tries to navigate through this new phase of life. This film will be first to have an all Asian cast to have a mainstream studio release. This film will definitely put a mark in the Industry. And look out for Awkwafina at her finest (Ocean’s Eight petty thief), as she plays the best friend of Rachel.

August 17, Friday

#8. Mile 22

Genre: Action/Drama

Director: Peter Berg

Cast: Mark Wahlberg, Iko Uwais, Ronda Rousey

It would be unfair not to mention that Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg has made many movies together and has gained the name of the perfect match director-actor duo. After working together in movies like Lone Survivor, Deepwater Horizon and Patriots Day, both the director and the actor has come together for another action filled film ‘Mile 22‘. Mark will be seen playing a CIA agent in Indonesia who is appoarch by a local police officer played by Iko Uwais (The undeafeated actor in ‘The Raid: Redemption‘) who has vital information. In return of information, he wishes to get out of the country before assasins take him out. Mark with his other colleagues must see the informant to an extraction point safely 22 miles away, thus the name. The film promises a good deal of action and majorly the fans of Wahlberg and Berg who loved their previous projects must be over the moon for this new project.

August 24, Friday

#9. The Happytime Murders

Genre: Comedy/Thriller

Director:Brain Henson

Cast: Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, Elizabeth Banks

This live action hybrid film will take us on a journey of crude crime comedy that stars the hilarous Melissa McCarthy who plays a detective partners up with her ex-partner, the foul mouthed muppet Phil who doesn’t give two sh*ts about anyone to solve a murder mystery involving the famous The Happytime puppets gang. The two detectives are always seen to be at each others throats but must work together to catch the serial killer. It will very interesting to watch both humans and puppets working together and with the adult dialogues heard throughout the trailer has sparked some controversies but everyone loves a movie with a subtle hint of adult stuffs (Just Saying)! I love a movie with bold dialogues and I’m very excited for this one.

#10. Searching

Genre: Thriller

Director: Aneesh Chaganty

Cast: John Cho, Debra Messing, Joseph Lee

Only last month we got to witness a film entirely based on smartphones and computers and its dark side, Unfriended: Dark Web, this month too we will get to see another thriller film shot entirely from the perspective of mobile screens and computers. The film will follow a desperate father, David Kim played by John Cho who is in search of his 16-year-old daughter who has gone missing. When the local police couldn’t do must to bring back his daughter, David goes into the world of the social media to find out the whereabouts of her daughter, to his shock he finds out about the secret life led by his daughter in the social network sites in this modern technology thriller flick. While John Cho is best known for his light comedic role in Harold and Kumar, however this thriller film will take his acting credits to another level. Watch out kids, nothing remains hidden in today’s technology driven world.

August 31st, Friday

#11. The Little Stranger

Genre: Horror/Adaptation/Drama

Director: Lenny Abrahamson

Cast: Domhnall Gleeson, Ruth Wilson, Will Poulter

This movie will be the second and last offering of the horror genre this August month. Set in the 1940s, Domhnall Gleeson starts as a reputated country doctor, Dr Faraday who is called upon to treat a patient at Hundred Halls which he visited during his childhood where his mother used to work as a house maid. 30 years later, Dr Faraday sets foot on this dusty mansion only to be thrusted into decades old mystery of this secretive family who are haunted by a sinister force lurking in the house, which will also reveal some disturbing secrets of the doctor himself. From the Acedmy Award nominated director, let your eyes and mind stay fixed to the theatre screen as this old tale of unsettling mystery and horror unravel in front your eyes.

This is all for this August month, hope you like this highly recommended list of movies that are coming out in the theaters. Stay tuned for lastest movie updates and till then Happy Watching!

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