10 Scariest Non Gory Horror Movies You Must Watch Today!

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Love HORROR movies? But can’t stand the sight of blood flooding on the screen, grotesque and mutilated bodies. You are in here for a real treat. Check out these movies that empathize on your will to give in, then play with your minds (without much bloodshed, Yes!) plus the dark, gloomy and suspense atmosphere will have you on the edge of the seat till the end. 

#10 WOMEN IN BLACK (2012) 

Directed by James Watkins, starring Danielle Radcliffe as the lead role plays​ the role of a young lawyer who is sent to an English village to investigate, which is terrorized​ by a ghost namely ‘Women in Black’ who is out to avenge the death of her child. Set in late 80s and dark mood with good sound effects, this movie is a must to watch.

#9 THE RING (2002)

First American remake of Japanese movie by the same name Ring, directed by Gore Verbinski, The Ring holds it’s position as one of the first of foreign remake and is also a must watch for bloodless horror movie lovers. The film mostly depicts about a videotape that is cursed and kills anyone who has watched it in 7 days. The movie further goes on as a mother (Naomi Watts) is in desperate attempts to save her son who has too watched the videotape.


Directed by Oren Peli, Paranormal Activity is a movie of found footage that was a super hit around the world with just a modest budget. It revolves around a couple who moves to a new house and which is haunted obviously but the best part is the wife is kind of weird and it results in them installing cameras all over their house capturing the horror of everything you can imagine of. 

#7 THE SIXTH SENSE (1999) 

M. Night Shayamalan’s, The Sixth Sense is a ghost story with a brilliant twist. Nothing is creepier than a little kid talking to dead people and they don’t know they are dead. Wow! But the ending is nothing compared to the dead people walking around and is most striking of them all, go watch for yourself! 


Another found footage movie in this list, three film students go out on camping near the legend of the Blair Witch to make  a documentary of the same name, but mysterious incidents occurs and they are forced deeper into the forest. They disappear one by one under very mysterious​ circumstances. The best part of this movie is letting the audience feel like they are in the forest with the hand held cameras and all the shakiness can make you more than uncomfortable. 

#5 THE OTHERS (2001) 

The Others, is a psychological horror suspense movie, Nicole Kidman portrays as an​ obsessive mother with her two sick photosensitive​ childrens in order to save them from their haunted new house. Without zero blood shed or any violence this movie will crawl into your skin and won’t let you sleep​ for days with the lights off. 

#4 BLACK SWAN (2010) 

Directed by Darren Aronofsky, Black Swan is an intense, passionate, thriller drama beautifully protrayed by Natalie Portman. When passion and commitment takes a toll on ones​ self, either they see the bright light at the end of the tunnel or forever lost themselves in the darkness. Portman plays the protagonist who is obsessed with playing the Swan Queen in Tchaikovsky’s ‘Swan Lake’ ballet. With legitimate fear and self inflicting pain this movie will surely give you creeps. 

#3 HALLOWEEN (1978)

John Carpenter’s​, Halloween released in 1978, a slasher horror movie quickly gain a cult of its own. Halloween revovles around a serial killer, who is sent to an asylum for killing his own sister at barely 6. After 15 years he escapes from​ the asylum and terrorize the people of a small town in Illinois. Though a slasher movie there is hardly blood splashed​ on the screen and is mostly into the stalkings that creeps the audiences out. 

#2 ROSEMARY’S​ BABY (1968)

Roman Polanski’s movie Rosemary’s Baby based on the best selling novel of the same name came out on 1968 and ever since had it’s position as a classic horror movie. The movie is mainly feed on the innocence of motherhood. A couple is tricked to be the vessel of the birth of none other then the devil’s son itself. Without any severe​ violence or gore this movie plays with the feelings of the protagonist and the audience too giving a powerful sense of uncomfortableness​.

#1 REPULSION (1965)

Topping the list is, another Roman Polanski’s classic psychological horror movie Repulsion, the very first of the ‘apartment trilogy’ series where the protagonist is mainly a female trapped in their own world of dark fantasies. Repulsion tells about a woman, Carol who is cold and disgusted to physical touch/intimacy and often hallucinates. Her life is turned upside down as she fights against being sexually harassed. The killings in the movie are however less voilent and audience sense her discomfort and sympathize her.

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