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10 Movies like Glass – Glass Review by M. Night Shyamalan

10 Movies like Glass – Glass Review by M. Night Shyamalan
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M. Night Shyamalan has announced the prestigious project, Split back in 2015 after the release of ‘After Earth’ which happened in 2013. According to the sources it was supposed to be his comeback film, but unfortunately, it has tarnished all the repetition that has got. Right after the announcement, everybody has stated that it is just another pretentious project with which he wanted to claim the limelight. Opposite to what people thought, M. Night Shyamalan has succeeded in making a brilliant film, all over again. This time, he is back with ‘Glass’, the film which is supposed to complete the trilogy.

The trilogy has started with the ‘Unbreakable’ back in 2000. The Split is the second installment in the series, and is now followed by Glass. This movie is made from the comic book which has all the characters from his previous movies. Bruce Wills, returns to the movie as David Dunn, Samuel Jackson as Elijah Prince. The interesting thing about Glass is that Samuel Jackson also plays Mr. Glass, the pseudonym of Elijah as he is supported by James McAvoy, playing Kevin Wendell Crumb with his 24 other personalities. Anya Taylor plays the role as Casey Cooke, the only one who survived the encounter from the cruel villain, The Beast. After the conclusion of the Split, Glass finds that Dunn is pursuing the superhuman figure in multiple encounters while Elijah Prince turns out to be the orchestrator with secrets of the men.

Glass starts with the classic absurdity which is a signature move to Shyamalan. According to reviews, Glass is full of thrilling elements that you would not imagine are there. These elements together form a solid script, that drives the filmmaker. The film is being both a critical and commercial success for all the interesting attributes it has. Shyamalan indeed has given us a beautiful gift with this trilogy. He has induced us with a fresh wave of psychological horror films while nodding to the standards of the classic horror films. One of the appealing elements about these films is that he takes all his inspirations from the mental and other psychological disorders like Split personality, Schizophrenia etc. The success of the trilogy indeed lies in his ability to capture the imagination with horror, thrill and drama.

Looking at the same, there are only very few thriller movies with dramatic undertone like Split and Glass. This list excludes movies like Insomnia, A Tale of Two Sisters and Kisapmata which are already popular. It has all the spell binding films that will leave you thinking about your own sanity. Have a look!

#1 The Silence of the Lambs (1991):

Modern Cannibalism can take a back seat when they watch ‘The Silence of the Lambs’. Anthony Hopkins is probably one of the world’s most evil villains who has said that eating a human liver with beans and chianti is his favourite food. The entire world gasped in horror. The Silence of the Lambs is probably one of the gripper thrillers that has been made. It has all the gut pulling elements that one would need in a thriller. The movie has automatic representation which is unparalleled and unmatched. Jonathan Demme made it to the brilliance list by making the story as thematic as it could. The film revolves around the story of an FBI cadet, named Clarice Starling. As a young person in the FBI, she is obligated to get the help from a manipulative cannibal, Dr. Hannibal Lecter. She seeks the help from the killer in order to catch another serial killer, Buffalo Bill. Jame Gumb, also known as Buffalo Bill is a madman who skins all his victims and places them as trophies.

This film also costumed the foundation for the amusing screenplay, written by Ted Tally who based it on the novel with the same, by Thomas Harris.  The movie is arguably one of the most terrifying thriller set pieces, with the candle burning on both sides – the manipulative Hannibal the Cannibal and the satanic Buffalo Bill; and stirred the plot with Clarice Starling’s pursuit of catching the killer. What makes ‘Silence of the Lambs’ such an eventful landmark of cinema is its dexterity of juggling multiple themes and concepts while scrutinizing the plot with the perfect measure. The crew’s efforts earned the film quite many achievements. Among its barrel of awards and critical success, the flick became the first and only horror film to win the “Best Picture” Oscar and was the third to win awards in all the top five categories – Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Director, and Adapted Screenplay.

#2 Get Out (2017):

The whole world has been singing ‘Hurray’ to the ‘It’ film by Andy Muschietti. Jordan Peele has directed this horror film which has outturned to be one of the most provoking horror films. ‘Get Out’ is probably the only horror film in 2017, and is also one of the best horror films ever made. It plays with the colour themes and discrimination, while it cerebrally drafted. This film is about an African American adoloscent titled as Chris Washington. This film is totally essayed by Daniel Kaluya, who comes to visit his girlfriend’s parents in a weekend. In the secluded estate between the woods with a friendly ambiance, the movie gives you a spine-chilling watch. This film is well-directed as it displays all the aspects of the life that doesn’t seem terrorizing to people. The movie contains a lot of revulsion and suspense with the racial tone about it. Get Out is a movie that breaks all the stereotypical elements of the horror and the torture, while having hints of porn in it.

#3 Psycho (1960):

This movie is set on the similar stories like the ‘Split’. The best thing is that Split might be based on this movie as this 1960 flick explores the identities, while being disturbed by the mind. This movie has been released in the screens shocking the audience and the critics. One of the profound reasons behind the movie standing out is the shocking concept, excellent cinematography and amusing music. Setting a tone for the sexuality, violence and the reclusive behaviour in the movie, Psycho is a story told about Marion Crane, who is a real estate secretary. Being secretary, he tries absconding after embezzling the money from the boss. However, he comes through a motel run by a young man.

Things seem absolutely fine until his obsessive mother suddenly shows up in his life.  Being back in 1960, this film is shot in an extremely low budget but you can find the craft of Hitchcock who managed to turn it into a beautiful atmosphere. Over the years, it has turned out to be a sensational flick. The movie has a chilling performance given by Anthony Perkins in the movie which has brought a nuance to Norman Bates, the motel owner. This film establishes its motive while putting the whole weight on the newbie’s shoulders. This veteran director, who later turned out to be the legend sets the primary theme of horror while knitting the entirely film into a suspenseful drama. It is absolutely one of the greatest films that Hitchcock has ever made, but has the controversial material about it.

#4 The Shining (1980):

I personally think that ‘The Shining’ did not get the appreciation that it actually deserves. It did receive adequate appreciation from the critics, not at the start but over the period. It is a film which is crafted to be articulate as well as feasible. The film tells the story of a Torrance family, who goes to a hotel in order to look over it as well as to have a fun holiday. Things go extremely haywire when they start feeling the presence of an evil entity in this hotel. It not only bothers them all but engulfs the father, Jack. It also messes up with the son, where he sees premonitions of the hotel that has happened in the past. The son, at one point, realizes that his father will be killing him based on the dreams that he’s seeing.

This film is based on the Stephen King’s novel, as it creates all the aura of helplessness while making things, claustrophobic. Stanley Kubrick, the veteran director blurs all the lines between the thriller and the horror genres by blending them both together. The film came out as a suspenseful outcome, delivering a berserk experience. This film messes with the human mind creating an extreme fear in the audience who are watching it. This flick is initially claimed as disturbing, but later has received immense praise. The film has won ‘Razzie Awards’ for both Stanley’s direction and Shelley’s acting. Through detailed analysis, intricate research and deep evaluation, this film is filled with symbolism and motifs which is why it is recognized as the greatest films of the time.

#5 Fight Club (1999):

Fight Club is one of the cult movies that you will find in the Hollywood. This is the second movie made by David Fincher, which did not do well at the time of the release. Later, however, it has turned to a cultural phenomenon. The movie stars Edward Norton in the main role, as the narrator. He is an insomniac who gets frustrated with his mundane life and as a result, seeks a change in his life. His life takes a unique turn when he crosses the path with Tyler Durden, a soap maker. Brad Pitt has been commended for this role as Tyler Durden, a man who is all about destructive nihilism.

With his behavioural pattern and his absolute ways, he manages to impress the narrator. This two-way friendship later turns into a following with the establishment of Fight Club, a club with actors. This movie is extremely different from the movies that are on the list. Fight Club has been steered away for being a cliché portrayal and as a source that escalates the depression in people. This film is also a melodrama that can bring you tears while pulling the horror in you. When you see the movie at first, this film is utterly disgusting while having a neat mystifying vibe around it. Fight Club is cool, uncomfortable and has a cohesive adaption. Over the decade, it has turned out into a movie which is most celebrated. The film has a poor critical response during its contemporary time and is considered as an immense failure.

#6 Rosemary’s Baby (1968):

This movie is adapted from the novel, Rosemary’s Baby; which is written by Ira Levin. The story revolves around a pregnant woman who suspects that an evil cult is after her. She mysteriously suspects that this cult wants to take her baby and make it as a part of their rituals. The movie is directed by Roman Polanski, and makes a film with brimming melancholy. This film is nothing but a classic as it is permeated with the religious and cultural beliefs of the women. The movie contains amazing performances with the cast John Cassavetes, Mia Farrow, Sidney Blackmer, Ruth Gordon, Ralph Bellamy, Clay Tanner, Angela Dorian and Maurice Evans. Even with the technology that was there back in 1968, the film manages to terrify you with the subtle elements.

William Fraker, the cinematographer of the film should be credited for the huge success of the movie. Polansky, along with Komeda, his composer creates gloomy surroundings. The film is filled with an atmosphere that freezes the audience which both the critics and the audience like. Rosemary’s baby is a beautiful example of vibrant narrative even with the screenplay that is based on the novel with the same name. The film itself is visually explanatory which turned it into a classic. Rosemary’s Baby has managed to give Ruth Gordon, the Academy Award for the Best Supporting Actress and is also placed 9th on the list of “100 years…100 Thrills” by the American Film Institute.

#7 Black Swan (2010):

Black Swan is clearly one of my most favourite movies for all the right reasons. The movie is directed by Darren Aronofsky, who is known for his messed-up movies. He is the controversy ambassador of making the films with disturbing and depressing analogies. However, one of the brilliant things that he’s able to do is that he can pull off all these movies with perfection. This film has an ensemble containing Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, Vincent Cassel, Winona Ryder and Barbara Hershey. Black Swan tells you the chronicles of a committed ballet dancer. She manages to win the role in ‘Swan Lake, a Tchaikovsky’s production.

The merriness of winning the role later turns into a hell where she struggles with her sanity while being engaged in an unhealthy obsession. She has to face a lot in order to understand her role as it lies in the core of the human psychology. The film is fully about the fixation of the mind as she tries to obtain perfection. Black Swan has been premiered initially at the Venice International Film Festival, as it seeped in the audience veins. The film is based on the historical and hysteric performance by Natalie Portman and later even won her ‘Best Actress’ at the Academy Awards.

#8 The Skin I live In:

‘The Skin I Live In’ is a brilliant story written and directed by Pedro Almodovar. The movie is about a plastic surgeon who gets troubled by his past tragedies while creating a synthetic skin that can resist all kinds of damage. However, during his experiment, the Enigma of creating the skin turns into horror money transforms into one kind of obsession. A young and volatile woman becomes the guinea pig for this experiments with the synthetic skins. This movie is a crime thriller, ‘Tarantula’, written by Thierry Jonque in 1984. The film is largely based on this novel with biologically horrifying elements inscribed in between, giving you the squeamishness.

With a trouble performance, given by Antonio Banderas; the film has disturbed cinematography that messes with your head. This will provide you a brilliant look into the destructive powers of human Technology has been blocked with the idea of depressive distress. This movie has been premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and the audience felt that it is quite unsettling with all the noise and the screams. The director has been lauded for the deft and as well as intricate portrayal of this drama. Banderas has managed to capture the exact essence of the enigmatic plastic surgeon, titled as Dr. Robert Ledgard. Even though the actor did not win any Oscars for it, he has received major acclaim from everyone in the latter years.

#9 The Machinist (2004):

The Machinist has turned Christian Bale into a chameleon especially for holding his household name and being someone who can change his physicality with ease. This film is an interesting masterpiece because it unsettles with a lot of ease. Christian Bale worked so hard in order to change his physique in this movie to enthrall the audience with the idea of psychological manipulation. Brad Anderson, the director the film tells the story of Trevor Reznik, a disturbed machinist who suffers from severe psychological issues and huge insomnia. His problems will lead to an accident at the workplace, along with a co-worker. Rezik gets fried only to go into a spiral of delusion and paranoia.

This film gives you an unbiased take on the absurd reality in which we live in. The Machinist is a film that has to be experienced by everyone. Shot in 2004, the film is a psychological thriller which is built on the cumulative efforts of Scott Kosar, the writer and Brad Anderson, the director. Anyone who has seen this film will agree with me when I say that it has got a huge solid work with a beautiful screenplay. All of these elements are supported by Xavi Gimenez, the cinematographer while Bale brings discomfort into the gloomy tale. Filled with darkness, this movie can be taken as a case study by the film students where every element excels.

#10 Donnie Darko (2001):

Donnie Darko is a movie which has the ability that never goes out of time. This movie can be used by people to reinvent themselves as the director comes with an innovative style.  Donnie Darko is directed by Richard Kelly, who has troubled visions. In these visions, he sees a man in a rabbit suit who is trying to manipulate him in order to commit crimes. The film has disturbed images spread all over the screen. Richard Kelly has clearly taken inspiration from the cinematography techniques of David Lynch. This film draws scares from the narrative techniques as if the director has crafted them himself. The story has been written in an exemplary way that it scrutinizes the anguished soul of the lead while acting like a maze. The audience often gets confused to know which is reality and which is an illusion.

The events that are described in the movie are an actual representation of someone’s mind and we can only think that it is of the director. The movie has disturbing music, given by Michael Andrews. Apart from that, it also has haunting cinematography, given by Steven Poster. One of the main reasons why people loved this film is because it holds the engaging capabilities in its darkness. Donnie Darko, since the release of the movie, has gained a cult following both commercially and as well as critically. Among the gallon of the awards, Richard Kelly also won the award for ‘Best Screenplay’ and also the ‘Grand Jury’ at the Sundance Film Festival.


It is interesting when people make movies on a psychological front because we are not well informed on them. Mental disorders are absolutely scary when we know them from the insides of a person. All the movies that are listed in this list will introduce to different kinds of behavioral patterns that will both shock you as well as entertain you. You can start with anyone that you have loved on the list, stream it on the media platforms like Prime and Hulu. Spend this weekend getting the essence of some quirky, dark and gloomy masterpieces.






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