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10 Best Netflix Movies That Can Add A New Perspective To Life!

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Apart from books, Cinema is one powerful medium which has profound effects on our lives. They subconsciously create vivid perceptions about greater things and spread ideas without any barriers of culture and boundaries. Many think movies as just another entertainment, but the way we perceive them change a lot and in fact induce an ability to look at things in an artistic manner. Such is the importance of Cinema and we came with a list of few really amazing movies that change your life in a positive way and provide subtle thoughts regarding many topics.
Netflix and Chill is our current favorite thing in the world. Though it is quite commonly used, we always felt that people often miss out some beautiful movies among other binge watching shows. So, we have essentially collected those movies and arranged it in an order that is comfortable and slowly helps to grow and nurture your mind. All these movies not just entertain and bound you but also provide you with one such idea that everyone can absorb and adopt in their lives. So, the following is the list of top ten movies you shouldn’t miss on Netflix:


List of 10 Best Netflix Movies:

#1 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind:

This is one of those beautiful romantic movies that I would prefer to watch on any boring to a super productive day. The plot and screenplay keep you engaged and the performances of actors is a fresh breath to your soul. All these elements make it a must watch and also an all-time favorite watch. One can alter their view towards relations, not just love, but human relations after watching this film. Both the characters Joel and Clementine have equally interesting and relatable traits that you would look up to. The most fascinating fact is that the film involves a fictional element but set in a most comfortable backdrop conveying a clear and essential message to the audience makes it so acceptable.
Coming to the movie, it is about two young lovers who decide to erase each other’s memories but destiny meets them again and again without their own knowledge. Another amazing element of the movie is dialogues and the lines often appear in people’s wallpapers, such is the essence of the film and its effect is subtle and soothing.

#2 Pulp Fiction:

Well more than us, Tarantino’s fans will clearly convince you why this movie had become a cult classic. The movie has a dark comedy with lots of killing, bloodbath, and violence at peaks. But Tarantino is a talented storyteller who can play with the audience’s mind with whatever means available to him. The film has its unique formula and probably the best example set out for many aspiring screenwriters. Until it had hit the screens, everyone had different ideas and predictions about the film but Tarantino and Roger designed the film into a pure art that stays with you all along.
Though the story becomes bizarre at times, it has its own amount of humor that chuckles you and scenes that completely amaze you in the next second. Also, the vintage theme is our personal theme and is known for pulling a large crowd and we can easily say that Tarantino shaped it so perfectly that the movie indeed turned out to be a masterpiece later on.

#3 City of God:

It is no shock that this movie was nominated for Oscars the next year when it was released. But we are quite disappointed that film hasn’t really received that fair amount of appreciation it actually deserves. Set in an old theme of crimes and unfair world, the director never failed to present the scenes in their rawest form possible. Also, the story is based on true events which leave you awe-struck at few moments and the difference drawn between two main characters is indeed an important lesson that you would carry to the home.
The violence is sometimes intolerable and definitely confines the number of audience to a small number as we don’t feel that this film is for everyone. Apart from that if you keep watching bearing all these facts, it is surely going to add into your favorite list.

#4 Schindler’s list:

We undoubtedly note this film as one of the best works of Steven Spielberg. His movies were always amazing but the very nature of this film is so positive and the effect it delivers on your mind is really deep and meaningful. Though the film is set in a not so bright backdrop, it is the characters, their inner and external conflicts that drive you towards the greater good.
It is a true story based on a businessman who is also a member of the Nazi party, but in turn, saves many Jews and add a real meaning to hope and evolvement of humans.

#5 The Theory of Everything:

Everyone recognizes the name as a notable work of Stephen Hawking and the movie is indeed a fitting tribute to the amount of contribution he has done to the world of Science. Also, the director has designed the screenplay in such a beautiful way that it not just speaks about the amount of life-changing things he has achieved but also many hurdles and hardships he had to overcome all over his life. We have seen most of the audience criticizing the film as they perceived it in a completely wrong way. As a general viewer, one would expect a scientist’s journey and the progress but the film talks more about his personal life and his relation with his wife. Love is the essence of the movie and that is why we feel “The Theory of Everything” is an apt title for the film describing the important aspect in life.

#6 Lion:

Dev Patel’s movies have separate fandom and his movies speak a range of rawness and many beautiful ideas that hit our minds unconsciously. The film is about a boy who gets lost and wanders in the streets of Kolkata, who is later on found and adopted by an Australian family. When the boy grew up he sets on a journey to find his real parents and it would become a life-changing path he has ever walked into. Every type of audience has something to absorb and relate from this movie and essentially build many perceptions we ignore towards life.

#7 The Little Prince:

We always feel that creating an animating movie that can exactly translate our views is not an easy task. If such a movie has to be adopted from a not-so-famous book, then it is indeed a tough task for a director. But “The Little Prince” involved and touched every single aspect that can take the viewer to a whole new world while convincingly showing its ideas to this generation which are necessary. The movie deals about an aviator who meets a little boy with paranormal powers and the relation between the aviator and a little girl can be considered as a subplot that adds on a beautiful effect to the story. So, we feel this is a film you should relaxingly watch on your lazy Sundays to bring a little spark.

#8 Room:

Room becomes an extraordinary watch mainly due to the lead actor’s mind-blowing performance. Also, it is an intriguing story of a woman who is held captive by a notorious kidnapper and after many days of suffering alone, she escapes with the help of her son. Though the movie is based on an old novel, the director has brought a new perspective to the film by conveying the essence of hope in a most relatable way possible.

#9 Roma:

We feel that “Roma” is a complete deserver of Oscars and one can easily grasp the essence the story wants to convey. It is considered a must watch for everyone where the film deals about the pathetic lives of two women. Some of the scenes are going to break you in tears and question your own thought process regarding many things while setting many newer definitions to life. Many emotional elements are presented in a most profound way that carves this film into a masterpiece.

#10 The Pianist:

If there is one film on the list which is going to clash various perceptions inside you, then it is definitely “The Pianist”. The movie also speaks about the war and its aftermath where each and every scene is essentially either heart-wrenching or heart-warming. The director noted that the story is close to his heart, as he added many elements from his own life which deals with the lives of people during or after the war. It is always the warriors or dead that are spoken, while the lives of survivors are undermined. But this film has become a voice to each one of them and that too in the best way possible. You shouldn’t miss out the realistic portrayal of actors and even the story is based on many true events of people’s lives.

These are some of the best films we have discovered recently, which you shouldn’t miss by any chance. Do watch them and comment on your view, while we come with another interesting list and facts as soon as possible.

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