10 Best Movies Coming Out in October 2018

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As October arrives, so does the spookiness and horror. With right dose of horror and actions we can possibly survive this month’s movies that are lining up in the theaters.

But I have to say, Halloween deserves a warm welcome after four decades and also The OGs are reprising their iconic roles in the movie.

Lady Gaga will be debuting big on screen, Dakota Johnson has finally let go off her sweet persona from Fifty Shades of Grey franchise and slips into more dark in Suspiria, Ryan Gosling will share with us his mission to Moon and we finally get to witness our first Marvel Super Villain in Venom. Need any more good news?

10 Movies to blow your minds away this October:

October 5, Friday


Genre: Action/Adventure/Superhero/Spin-off

Director: Ruben Fleischer

Cast: Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed

We have seen it all in. The bubbly, shy Spider Man saving the world but we also got to see the dark side of Spidey in Spider Man 3, where an alien parasite latches to Spidey and turned his world upside down.

We have so many Marvel superheroes and yeah they do a hell of a job saving the world from mad scientists, aliens from outer world.

Well it’s time to spice it up. Marvel’s most mysterious, dangerous super villain is finally getting his big screen. And I’m all up for it.

Tom Hardy, who has a reputation of pulling off the badass guy effortlessly, so it’s going to be an easy task for him to portray the anti hero in Venom.

Tom Hardy will be seen playing the role of an investigative journalist who is after the brilliant founder Carlton Drake of the Life Foundation. During his investigation, one of Carlton’s alien specimen latches on to Eddie that gives him superpowers but the alien has a consciousness of it’s own and forms a dangerous alter ego ‘Venom’.

The trailer is impressive as any other Marvel trailers and we see Eddie trying hard not to keep his sanity together as his alter ego tries to take over his life. I’m super hyped for this film as I’m always into villains for than the he heroes (except for Iron Man because he is notorious and badass too).


Genre: Drama/Remake/Musical

Director: Bradley Cooper

Cast: Bradley Cooper, Stefani (Lady Gaga) Germanotta

A star is born is definitely making us mere mortal beings spiraling out of control. There is just so many things going on, it’s hard to keep up. Firstly, Lady Gaga, The Icon is the lead actress, oh my God!! And we already know Bradley Cooper is an amazing actor but hold your breath, he is freaking directing this film. Aren’t you just blown away?

This is the fourth remake of A Star is Born, which was originally released back in 1937. A modern take on a roller coaster love story where Cooper plays a country musician who stumbles upon a young talented singer, Lady Gaga who has given up on being a singer. Cooper takes her under his wings and coaxes her into the spotlight. As Gaga’s career quickly overshadows his own, their personal relationship hits the rocks with Jack finding it increasingly hard to handle his fading glory.

It’s Lady Gaga’s first big on-screen role and she says it’s a personal one for her. The film will be a fusion of Gaga’s experiences when she entered the music industry so it’s both emotional and personal for her.


Genre: Drama/Adaptation/Teen

Director: George Tillman, Jr.

Cast: Amandla Stenberg, Regina Hall, Russell Hornsby

This heart rendering film based on the Angie Thomas novel of the same name follows a 16 year-old teenager Starr Carter who is constantly struggling to balance the two worlds she lives in. One her home, her neighborhood who are mostly black and poor and the fancy private school she attends where she has to become another person with the rich, mostly white students. Her world is shattered when her childhood best friend is fatally gunned down by police. Now Starr must fight against the racial injustice blurring the lines between her two worlds and stand up for what she believes and what’s right for her people.

October 12, Friday


Genre: Drama/Biography/True Story

Director: Damien Chazelle

Cast: Ryan Gosling, Kyle Chandler, Corey Stoll

A cinematic look at history’s first ever man missioned to the Moon in 1969. Oscar winner director Damien Chazalle and Ryan Gosling has teamed up again after La La Land, with Ryan playing Neil Armstrong the first ever astronaut to step foot on the Moon.

Based on James R. Hansen’s biography of the astronaut, First Man follows the story of NASA’s legendary space mission to land the first ever man on Moon takes place from 1961 to 1969, leading up to the Apollo 11 mission. The film also explores life of Neil Armstrong leading to that fateful day and the sacrifice and toll it has taken in his personal live.

Though we know exactly how the film will end, the sheerness of experiencing this greatest feat in humankind in theaters will surely leave an imprint on our minds. Also Claire Foy will be playing Ryan’s wife who encourages her husband’s mission putting the need of her husband’s service to the nation first before her family.


Genre: Thriller/Sci-Fi

Director: Drew Goddard

Cast: Chris Hemsworth, Dakota Johnson, John Hamm, Jeff Bridges

If you loved Drew Goddard’s first directional debut ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ (2012) as well as it’s mega casts then you’re are in for a treat this October. Drew Goddard’s has a mystery thriller and a insane mega casts in his forthcoming movie, Bad Times at the El Royale. This mystery-thriller follows seven strangers with their own dark secrets who meet up at Lake Tahoe’s El Royale, a hotel with it’s own secret. Each of them seeking to find something. It’s still a mystery if all of them are connected or they are all here to kill each other. Whatever, the trailer looks good enough.

Fun fact: Dakota Johnson will be starring on another horror remake Suspiria later this month. To be honest, I’m more inclined towards Suspiria then this one because horror is my weakness. Sorry folks.

October 19, Friday


Genre: Sequel/Thriller/Suspense/Horror

Director: David Gordon Green

Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer, Andi Matichak

Halloween (1978) has been an all time favorite horror slasher film with commercial and critical success over the years since it’s release. It is one of the few classics of the horror genre and has formed a cult of it’s own and a massive devoted following.

Halloween has been remade, rebooted so many times that the quality has watered down and fans will rather kill themselves than go through another distasteful sequel of Halloween.

The latest film in the Halloween franchise is said to be the direct descendant of the 1978 original, wiping out the existing follow ups like garbage. Well it’s a good thing.

The sequel will take up after the events of the 1978 Halloween and the greatest good news is Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle, The OGs returns to their iconic roles as Laurie Strode as the only survivor in the killing spree of Michael Myers, the masked figure who killed and terrorized people on Halloween night four decades ago.

One final showdown between Laurie and Myers takes place when Myers escapes from the institution and return to Haddonfield but Laurie is all ready to settle the score with the killer.

Get ready to be terrorized this Halloween as the Boogeyman is back.


Genre: Drama/Biography/Crime

Director: Marielle Heller

Cast: Melissa McCarthy, Richard E. Grant, Jane Curtin

An adaptation that stars Melissa McCarthy? Yes, we will take it. Although Melissa has always been a hard core comedian, she has diversified herself by putting herself in the shoes of celebrity biography, Lee Israel. Based on the best selling memoir of Lee Israel’s ‘Can You Ever Forgive Me?’ , the true story of herself, who running out of luck and money takes on an irreversible path that would soon come back to bite her in the ass. We will see Melissa forging letters from famous people and selling them to the highest bidders. Richard E. Grant will be seen playing as her loyal friend, Jack and also her only accomplice.

The trailer looks amazing with bits of Melissa’s riches to rags situation and her descent into a criminal to running away from the law. And Melissa looks incredible as a writer and we can’t wait to see her give us a taste of criminal literature. It’s going to be lit.

October 26, Friday


Genre: Horror/Remake

Director: Luca Guadagnino

Cast: Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, Mia Goth, Chloe Grace Moretz

If you think Halloween is little less scary and you need something to give you nightmares for days, get ready to get overdosed by horror by watching this remake of the cult classic Italian horror film.

This remake of the classic Italian horror film follows an ambitious and bright American ballerina dancer, Susie Bannion, who arrives at a world renowned dance academy in Germany only to find strange horrific events occurring in the academy and to the people who are brutally murdered in the campus. With dark secrets looming in the campus and equally dark and secretive head instructor Madam Blanc, Susie suspects the academy has a connection to occultism and the series of murders occurring in the academy.

The trailer is terrifying with cold words uttered by the casts and bone breaking, nerve wrecking scenes in the film. It is one of the most anticipated film of this month.


Genre: Action/Adventure/Comedy/Sequel

Director: David Kerr

Cast: Rowan Atkinson, Olga Kurylenko, Jake Lacy

Our beloved accidental secret Agent is back with a bang. Yes!! Johnny English is back with for the third installment in Johnny English Franchise. English now retired is a school teacher and only one with no digital records of him as a spy. When a cyber attack reveals all the active undercover agents in Britain, and a mad genius hacker threatens to take over the world, Johnny is the last hope to save the world. English now called upon by her Majesty to serve the nation, he jumps back into action with his partner which eventually leads to a riot of chaos and laughter. With little knowledge of modern technology Johnny must complete the mission using his own unconventional old-school methods.


Genre: Action/Thriller/Suspense/Adaptation

Director: Martin Campbell

Cast: Gerard Butler, Common, Billy Bob Thornton

Based on the novel “Firing Point,” by Don Keith and George Wallace, Gerard Butler is back with a bang who can only stop WWIII from happening in this underwater action thriller film.

Gerard Butler stars as a submarine captain Joe Glass on the hunt for a U.S submarine when he founds out a conspiracy and must form an elite rescue team to save the Russian President who has been held captive by a rogue general.

This is it. Hope you like the list and comment below which movie you are psyched to watch in the theaters.

Wishing you a Happy Halloween and yeah Watching!

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