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10 Best Anthology Movies that you should not Miss at all!

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The Anthology Movies also are known as package films, are nothing but a collection of stories. Several short stories are either connected by an event, an interlocking character or a theme to connect the audience. All of these films are usually directed by a single person or at times, multiple directors. This kind of filmmaking is seen in 1932 when Edmund Golding came out with ‘Grand Hotel’ and ‘If I had a Million’.

The segments of these anthologies are directed by multiple directors where a common element is a place, a thing, and a person. In most of the films, we see coffee and cigarettes as the romanticizing element. This element can bind all the stories together and give you a picture of how we all are a copy of a copy of a copy. That being said, here are the top 10 Anthology movies that you can watch on various media streaming platforms.

List of top 10 Anthology Movies:

#1 Pulp Fiction (1994):

This cult pop classic, Pulp Fiction is one of the influential movies that you can watch. This film belongs to 90s, it is an anthology film that has three different stories but all of them are connected together with a few common characters. The film is directed by Quentin Tarantino, while it is written by Roger Avery. This film has also won the Academy Award for the Best Screenplay, back in 1995. Before that, it also has won the Palme d’Or at the 1994 Cannes Film Festival. Out of the three stories, one story involves two people as hitmen, the second one is about the affair between one of the hitmen and his boss’ wife and the third with a boxer who puts up a tiff with the boss in the picture!

#2 City of God (2002):

This Brazillian anthology movie is actually a crime drama. It narrates the lives of two boys from their children out of which one of them becomes a drug dealer while the other becomes a photojournalist. However, it is shown that both of these people are grown in the crude environment but ended up having different behavioral patterns. The plot is based on the real events and it also depicts the crime of Rio de Janeiro between the 1960s to 1980s. This movie has gained an immense response from the fans and the critics and is indeed listed among the top 100 best movies of the time.

#3 Coffee and Cigarettes (2003):

Coffee and Cigarettes is a movie full of vignettes, directed by Jim Jarmusch. The movie is known to be shot over a 17 year period, starting from 1986 when it was intended to be a short film played for Saturday Night Live. The original name of the short film is titled to be Strange to Meet You, starring Steven Wright and Roberto Benigni. The movie discusses a lot of nicotine and caffeine and is directed during the time when Jarmusch is making Down By Law. The movie has started the trend for the direction where he was shooting segments for this film. The result came out in 17 years, uneven but extremely enjoyable. It has a prominent cast including Bill Murray, Tom Waits, Iggy Pop, Cate Blanchett, Steve Buscemi, and Meg White! This film might not exactly be a killer, but it will leave you with awe.

#4 Cloud Atlas (2012):

This film is extremely underrated in the recent cinema. Cloud Atlas is nothing but an exuberant adaptation of the imaginative novel, written by David Mitchell. This movie is nothing but a sprawling spectacle with beautiful elements. Together, it is directed by Wachowskis and the Tom Tykwer, which resulted in an admirable film. The artistry, however, has few easily forgivable flaws considering the breadth of the movie. As a divisive film, it received both hate and love which is why it is both derided and lauded. One of the most exuberant things about the movie is that it contains science, mystery, fiction, action, and romance as well. With the reverence of the material, it has a structured narrative that blends six stories spread across the centuries from 1849 Paris to 2144, Neo Seoul where we can see both apocalypse and dystopia as well. It is extremely rare that the production is massive given the international tags, the huge cast, and the eccentric story as well.

#5 21 Grams (2003):

Iñárritu did not get the fame in a night or with a single movie. The reason why most of the audience started admiring him is that they started watching his recent films like ‘The Revenant’ and ‘Birdman’. However, the truth is that he has always been a brave director who did not fail to experiment. In the movie 21 grams, he started the concept of editing and gave an inspiration to many people over the decade. He introduced the non-parallel narrative by replacing it with a linear narrative and that the film doesn’t always have to be in order to work. He originated the madness that we saw in Memento and in a genius way, he made the 21 grams click with an interesting plot. He engages you throughout with an ease while creating a huge effect on you and making you move.

#6 Babel (2006):

Babel has been one of the most controversial movies of the year which is why it is both loathed as well as loved. It even got nominated as the Best Picture for the Academy Awards, because of the effort invested by Inarritu. Just like Amores Perros, this movie went unrecognized despite the amazing storyline. However, people say that most of the film is manipulative. While I have watched many films, I felt that Inarritu has done the best job of connecting the stories with the barriers of communication. If you haven’t watched it, I recommend you to watch it for the movie score. On the top of that, Brad Pitt will take you down the lane with his immense ability to bring emotions on the screen.

#7 Fantasia (1940):

An Animated film as it is, this is one of the boldest movies made by Disney to date. The film contains images of the animals decorated with the classical music. Directed by Dick Huemer and Joe Grant, the production of the film is supervised by Ben Sharpsteen who made this as his third film under the Disney Production. The main reason why it has got such an immense craze is that the film is an anthology containing a total of eight sequences which are conducted to the classical music composed by Leopold Stokowski. Out of eight, seven of the songs are performed by Philadelphia Orchestra in collaboration with Beethoven, Stravinsky, and Tchaikovsky.

#8 Shortcuts (1993):

A 1993 American comedy anthology, this film has come into the limelight because of the director, Robert Altman. Another reason why people started loving this film is that it has an amazing cast including Madeleine Stowe, Robert Downey Jr, Jack Lemmon, Frances McDormand, and Jennifer Jason Leigh. The movie altogether has around 9 different short stories along with a poem, written by Raymond Carver. Tracing the lives of total 22 characters, this movie is the biggest anthology film that I have ever seen. All the characters in the movie tend to interact with each other either by chance or through luck. While most of the people don’t know about this movie, it has gotten positive reviews across the internet.

#9 Free Fall (2014):

Gyorgy Palfi, the Hungarian director explores his interest for the horror comedy. However, it is really exciting to see the horror mixed with anthology narrative and humor spread all over it. A film like Free Fall is one of a kind if you’re looking for different anthologies. It is dark, hypnogogic but at the same time is light because of the comedy that the cast like Terry Gilliam, Roy Andersson and Palfi bring. It has some really grossed out imagery which will make you appalled by the plot twists. The entire movie is set in a 7 story building where we get glimpses of different tenants having different stories. All these stories are spread across sitcom, science fiction to horror with laugh tracks and horror music scores. Please watch!

#10 Night on Earth (1991):

All the stories in this film occur in omnibus and taxis all over the world in a night. The title justifies because of the incidents happening in a single night. Tom waits, reinforces the stories with his soundtracks while the director has brought a tinge of humor to the film through various characters. Right from Rome’s Roberto Benigni to Helsinki’s Matti Pellonpaa; this movie is nothing but a sheer delight for all the actors with few diversions. A character study, it gives you various surprises involved with colorful characters. If you are a person who is obsessed with psychology and short stories, this movie is nothing but a bonanza to you.

That being said, all the Anthology Movies in the list will narrate you stories that you have been yearning to hear. They are unique, exuberant and rejoicing. In case if you have got a free weekend, you can dwell into these films and get some unique story listening experience for you.


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