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Well classic​s are always so good, right? A countdown of​ some of the best suspense thrillers.

  Spoiler Alert : If you are a big fan of Alfred Hitchcock, you will be very pleased with the list. 

 #15. REBECCA  (1940

A psychological drama directed by Alfred Hitchcock, also an adaptation of the novel by the same name by Daphne Du Maurier. The plot shows an intense portrayal of obsession, love and deceit of the characters who interwine with the past and the present. A woman falls in love with a wealthy widower and is intimidated by the charm and beauty of her husband’s previous dead wife, Rebecca. In order to fill the big shoes and to win over the staffs who are obsessed with their previous Madame, she discovers the dark secrets of her newfound home. This movie bagged the first Oscar for Alfred Hitchcock for the best director. 

#14. ALL ABOUT EVE (1950) 

Based on 1946 short story, ‘The Wisdom of Eve’ and directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, All about  Eve  is an American drama movie. The plot revolves around a well sought Broadway actress, Margo Channing who meets her biggest fan, Eve Harrington, an aspiring actress herself. Eve tells her about her childhood struggles, Margo moved by her story appoints her as her personal assistant. Eve seemed to be a good employee and does her work without much fuzz. But Margo grows bitterness and questions her trust as she found Eve imitating her, trying her clothes on from her play. Little did she know that Eve has plans​ of her own. 
#13. SHADOW OF A DOUBT (1943) 

Another Alfred Hitchcock’s​ movie, Shadow of a Doubt, is a psychological thriller, who gives the audience the chills without much use of violence. The plot is mainly about Uncle Charlie who is a suspect in the murders of some wealthy women. He visits his neice who very much loves and idolize him. But, his niece become suspicious by the unusual behavior of his Uncle and decides to find out. He is shocked by his discovery and it is up to him what he decides to do with his findings. Spoiler Alert : Hitchcock claims, this is his favorite movie. 

#12. THE BIRDS (1963)

The Birds, another adaptation from Daphne Du Maurier and directed by Alfred Hitchcock is a horror-thriller movie based on birds attacking people. Sounds Weird, ri rs o his home to take revenge when he intentionally played a prank on her. Upon her visit, the people are terrorized by a strange event where birds attacks the local menacingly. The movie follows their encounter with the birds, discussion on what has befallen on them, to the point where Melanie was accused to bring such horror to the place. It is said that at one point, Hitchcock on an attempt to get the real face of terror on Melanie’s​ face switched the plastic birds with real ones without the knowledge of the actress. Talk about serious dedication!

#11. ROPE (1948)

“The perfect location for hiding a dead body doesn’t exi-” wait till you watch Alfred Hitchcock shows you the perfect location. Rope, is a psychological crime thriller based on the short play by Patrick Hamilton. Two brilliant students murder their former roommate by strangling him with a rope in their penthouse apartment. They were inspired by their teacher who once discussed about the ‘art of murder’. Later they held a dinner party serving the guests​ on a large chest, containing the dead body. They smartly answered their questions about their missing friend. When their missing friend refuse to turn up, a fellow friend and reporter of the deceased suspects​ something sinister. 

#10. SPELLBOUND (1945) 

Are you tired of Alfred Hitchcock’s mentions? Yeah, but we cannot ignore the ‘Master of Suspense’. Can we? Another movie by Alfred Hitchcock, a psychological drama ‘Spellbound‘ sounds like a easy going romantic movie. But no, it is dark and each revelations​ starts a new chapter. When a person suffering from amnesia is found to be impersonating a psychologist doctor, his colleague decides to find out the truth behind the disappearance of the real doctor by analyzing the dreams of the impersonator and is horrified to find out the truth behind the disappearance. 

 #9. THE THIRD MAN (1949) 

The Third Man is a British neo mystery film directed by Carol Reed. Set in the post World War II, Vienna, an American writer comes to the city to meet his life long friend who has offered him a job. He is shocked to hear the news of his friend’s accidental dead just arriving in the city. There were many theories speculating the death of his friend. Upon demanding to investigate he was told his friend was a corrupt person, and he shouldn’t get involved. Despite getting continuous threats he begins the  investigation​ with the help of his deceased friend’s girlfriend. 

#8. CHINATOWN (1974)

Roman Polanski’s, Chinatown is a noir mystery drama movie. A private investigator, Jack Gittes who specified in adultery investigation is hired by Mrs Mulwray to spy on her husband, soon found her husband dead. Jack was soon caught in a web of greed, deceit and political issues, when he continued to investigate the murder of Mr Mulwray. 

#7. DIAL M FOR MURDER (1954) 

Another classic crime thriller movie of Alfred Hitchcock, based on the play of Frederick Knott. The movie is set on the basic of cheating scandal, husband too busy to attend to his wife, so she finds solace in another man. The husband sets to take revenge and plots a perfect murder. However his perfect murder is not so perfect as his plans goes awry resulting in the assassin’s death. In order to save himself he intricate another perfect story but he is outwitted in the long run. 

#6. REPULSION (1965)

Repulsion, is a psychological  horror, the first of Roman Polanski’s ‘apartment trilogy’ movies based on female protagonists who encounters strange activities in their apartment. The protagonist, Carol, a manicurist who has an unusual fear of touch from men suffers visions​ of rape and murder when her sister leaves her alone in their apartment with her boyfriend. She commits murder as she is sexually assaulted​ and hides under her bed till she is found in a catatonic condition. 


Directed by Billy Wilder, Double Indemnity, has quite interesting turns and twist. An insurance salesman, intends to make quick money with help of the wife of his client. They plot an elaborate plan to fake her husband’s​ death as suicide and claim the insurance money. Little did he know she has her own plans. His fellow colleague suspension rises as the daughter of the deceased claims her step mother is involved in another crime, in the disappearance of her mother. 


Ah Alfred Hitchcock again, The Master of Suspense is very keen with the idea of the ‘perfect murder’ and who can blame him, he is so damn genius. Another movie with the concept of the ‘perfect murder’, where two strangers meet on a train somewhat knowing their deep evil plans, decides​ to swap their plan so the murders are perfectly executed​ without any evidence left. One does accordingly to the plan but he is betrayed when other backs off from the plan. Well go on, go Watch!

#3. PSYCHO (1960) 

If you’re​ not familiar with the work of Alfred Hitchcock, but it rings a bells because you once heard of him, then surely because, Yes! The ‘Psycho‘ movie. The evergreen and one of the most loved psychological thriller movie in the history. It is also a movie of the ‘perfect  murder’ concept but not so perfect because eventually people gets to know and study about your mental instability. Need to say more? 

#2. VERTIGO (1958) 

Vertigo, is a noir psychological-romance drama directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The plot follows a retired detective who has a fear of heights is hired to spy on a woman by her husband who he claims to be possessed. He does his job but is intensely attracted to her and falls for her in the process. They start an affair but soon he is forced to question the lies, he was told to believe. 


Yeah, we have saved the last and the best for you. Sunset Boulevard is a psychological romance thriller that will take you inside the life of a once famous, forgotten star. It portrays the brutal truth of Hollywood saying ,”When you are famous, everyone knows you, everyone wants to work with you. But when you lose the lustre, no one wants​ to be associated with you”. The life of a silent star who is under the delusion that she is still a star, prepares a comeback to Hollywood with her own film, when she hires a young screen writer. This movie will definitely give you legit chills down your spine. 

Let us know your favorite classic movies and  also comment down movies that we might have missed. Happy Watching! 

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